9 Amazing Tips For Google Adwords That Can Boost Your Campaign Results in 2024

Google Adwords Tips 2020

Are you running Google Ad campaigns but thinking that you can make them perform better? Well, then you have made the right choice to search for Google adwords tips and glad that you have landed on this article. Many brands that are starting out to build their online presence or drive immediate sales usually choose Google Ads.

You are going to learn some smart tips for Google Adwords reading this article and using them you might be able to boost your campaign results. Even if you are a beginner getting started with google ads, make sure you remember these tips while running the PPC campaigns. Now let’s discuss the tips for google ads  in a detailed manner

1 . Identify The Negative Keywords and Optimize for them: 

Most people run google ads to gain conversions and customers by promoting the product or services offered by their business. But your campaigns might reduce your ROAS or completely make losses if you don’t optimize for the negative keywords.

When you ever plan of running campaigns, you must identify the negative keywords and it is better to make a list of them so you don’t miss any while optimizing the campaigns. Negative Keywords tell the search engine when not to show your ads.

You can save lot of money without getting wasted by identifying the right negative keywords and optimizing them for the campaigns.Some of the most common negative keywords are free, PDF, etc that is definitely unrelated to the ads if you are promoting any product or service and the intent of the searching person specifies that there is no chance of him becoming a customer. 

So if you optimize for negative keywords you would be able to gain the best returns from your campaigns by eliminating the ads showing up on unnecessary keywords saving your money.

2 . Use All The Relevant Extensions:

When you are running Google Ads, you must never get settled writing just the headlines or ad copies. Ad extensions can help in boosting the performance of your ads by helping you provide more information to the person viewing your ad.

Moreover, using these extensions you can provide a better experience so that there is a higher chance of converting the click into a conversion. Remember, using these extensions you can occupy more space in the search engine results page ultimately helping you gain more attention compared to a normal ad without using ad extensions. Even though there are many extensions some most frequently used are :

a . Site Link Extensions:

Site Link extensions can help you add links to various unique landing pages that a probable customer might be interested in so that you can increase the chances of converting him into your customer.

b . Call Out Extensions:

Smartly use these to build trust with the readers in your brand. For example if you are into eCommerce business selling products then terms like free shipping or 24×7 support can help you in gaining more clicks on your ad.

c . Review Extensions:

These can be highly impactful to drive more engagement on your ads. So use the reviews of your customers and redirect them to that web page after they click.

d . Structured Snippet Extensions:

You need to select the relevant category before you use them. You can add more information related to the features of a product using these extensions.

3. Eliminate Duplicate Keywords:

You might be able to find a good keyword with low competition and higher volume but remember never use the same keyword in all the campaigns. This might hurt the performance and increase your ads if the campaigns start competing with each other in addition to the other competitors who might be bidding on your keyword.

So ensure not to use the same keyword and eliminate the duplicate keywords in your campaigns to minimize the risk of higher ad costs because of the competition between them.

4  . Keeping The Keyword Groups Small :

Many assume that adding more relevant keywords in a single campaign can help in getting more impressions for your ads. But in reality, it might drain your advertisement budgets because you won’t be able to write a much relevant ad copy as in the case of smaller keyword groups.

Remember the more relevant your ad copy is for the reader, the higher chance of getting clicks or conversions through the ad.

5 . Identifying the Right Keywords:

Even though how good the process you follow while choosing keywords for your campaigns they might not perform as per your expectations because of various reasons. Try finding some relevant keywords in such cases.

So when you just start running the campaigns you need to try and test before you optimize your campaigns to perform better. Reviewing the campaigns is the most important thing you need to while running the campaigns.

You can directly check which keyword is driving more traffic or conversions from your ads. So identifying the right keywords and eliminating the ads whose performance is not up to your expectations you can get maximum ROI out of your campaigns.

6 . Spend More On High Performing Campaigns:

To get the best results from the marketing campaigns you need to make the best use of the available marketing budget. Especially running Google Ads some campaigns might need more edits or adjustments on various aspects. 

Also, it is better to remove the underperforming ads by examining if they need any kind of improvement as they would drain your marketing budget. So prioritize your best performing campaigns from these normal campaigns and spend more on them to increase the returns.

7 . Using Location Specific Campaigns:

When you are running ads you might observe a pattern that people from a particular location are buying the products offered by the brand. Examining this aspect if you are getting better results or conversions from the users living in a particular place you can start launching location-specific campaigns.

Even while remarketing, if your company is in a particular location then you will be able to precisely target the people who viewed the specific page of your website

8 . Landing Pages With Conversion Oriented Design :

This is one of the best tips for google Ads that you can ever get. If you are using landing pages in your campaigns then you need to understand that no visitor would like to engage nor purchase if the landing page content is irrelevant or boring. So you must ensure that the content on the landing page is relevant to the ad copy. Moreover, you can improve the relevance score of your ads as well that helps in reducing your ad costs.

As you would be spending a lot of money to bring high-quality traffic to your landing page, you need to design with the only focus to gain conversions by placing the right call-to-action on the right position of the landing page. Also, make sure that the landing is optimized for mobile devices in terms of both speed and responsiveness as most of the traffic is from them.

You can even understand if your landing page is hurting your campaigns by using heatmap tools or comparing the clicks vs conversions from an ad copy leading the visitor to a landing page. So focus on writing compelling ad copies and use similar keywords on your landing pages as well to gain more conversions.

Whatever measures you might take before launching the campaign, you need to frequently check the analytics to understand the behavior of a visitor on your landing page. So don’t be afraid to change the things on your landing page so that you would be able to improve the performance and get better results.

9 . Use The Remarketing Lists:

Did a visitor spent more time on a specific page but didn’t take the necessary action . Well then using the remarketing lists you can bring the visitor back to your website and convince offering him some kind of incentive to make the purchase of the products or services you offer.

Remarketing is great way to acquire the customer with minimal ad spends. This is because of the fact that they have already expressed interest in your brand by visiting your web page. You can increase your ROI by targeting based on their location or time spent on your web page so that there is a higher chance of the visitor to become a customer for your business.


Google Ad campaigns are one of the best ways to drive results immediately. You can improve the results by closely monitoring the performance of your ads and making necessary adjustments to the ad copies or landing pages depending on the metrics like click-through rates or conversion rates. I hope you have got to know some of the best tips for Google Adwords after reading this.

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