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serpzilla review
The websites are always locked in a fierce battle to get the top spot in SERP. One important factor to come at the top for SERP is Backlinking and Link Juice. PageRank is an algorithm of Google that is directly built and based on one purpose, to define the total number of backlinks that the site has. With that in mind, both the quantity and quality of the backlinks matter. Therefore, we were in search of a great Backlink Generator that can make the best backlinks for you.
Those who have a high quantity and quality of backlinks will start ranking above their competition. Here’s an important thing: Google strongly recommends that you don’t do any kind of artificial link-building.

So, how do you replicate the best ways of top SEO expert, and use tools that can speed up and manage the process of page ranking and do better backlinking? We came across SerpZilla. This review is written after the proper extensive usage of SerpZilla. Whether to use it or not, you will get that answer in this Serpzilla detailed review soon.


The Problems with traditional backlinking

The old-school and typical backlinking procedure works like this:
  • Locating the websites that directly and indirectly show that link.
  • Sending an email to the website administrator.
  • Discussing the different costs and conditions of placing the link.
  • Discuss where you want to place that link and whether they agree with it or not.
  • They agree on placing the link. Now, you wait for them to publish the link and pass the power of backlinks to you.
This whole procedure from start to finish can take a long time. It can take days or even months depending upon your discussions with the website owner or administrator. With SerpZilla this whole procedure gets wiped out. The whole backlinking process will be accelerated in just 1 to 2 simple steps.

What is SerpZilla?

You may be wondering, what exactly is SerpZilla? SerpZilla is one of the largest platform for Link Building

But SerpZilla is not just the best backlink builder, It’s an SEO secret weapon. One of the important backlink builder online that’s in existence till now SerpZilla will provide the advanced tools and analytics for building a specifically natural and high-quality profile for backlinks that will let Google fall in love with you.

It’s like a professional team of covert Ninjas working in perfect quiet and behind the scenes to assist your website get to the top. That’s the silent power of SerpZilla.

What makes SerpZilla so special?

Moving ahead from the confines of the simple backlink builders, SerpZilla has transformed the Backlinking building into a profession in itself. From the advanced automation features to White Hat SEO use, SerpZilla helps in creation of relevant, contextual, and valuable links that help in site promotion.
SerpZilla also has some special functions that no other tool has. Some of the important functions are:
  • Searching for high-traffic and high-authority websites that have great contextual content for the link.
  • Checking all critical parameters like traffic sources, Page Authority, session length spam and more analytics related to every website.
  • Getting the ROI and paying satisfying amounts for the link.
  • Making sure the links you have placed are not removed for a long time.

Leveraging the power of DA and DR

SerpZilla allows you to use the power of AHREFS and MOZ. Whether we’re talking about MOZ’s Domain Authority (DA) or AHREFS’ Domain Rating (DR), you’ll obtain the best metrics to succeed. We’ll go over this in more depth later.

But, can you trust SerpZilla

SerpZilla has a large customer base and this customer base already trusts the platform. From having around 100,000 advertisers and a large number of publishers on the network, SerpZilla is literally winning the competition for the link building platform, with ratings averaging above four stars on several review sites, and a large customer and webmaster trust.
SerpZilla has the highest number of satisfied clients who rely on the platform’s backlinking power to expand their internet exposure. SerpZilla is the true leader of the Internet.

Top features of SerpZilla

  • User Friendly
  • Quick Linking placements
  • More than 40 Link Metrics
  • Huge Database of 1 Billion Pages
  • Quick Site Finder
  • Different link options
  • Easy Subscription
  • Powerful links that are sitewide
  • 100,000+ advertisers already on Platform.

Why Serpzilla?

While using SerpZilla we found these ultimate features of this backlink generator that worked wonders for different businesses that want a great presence in the online Search Engine results. Serpzilla has the most advanced attributes that make it stand ahead of its competitors. Here are some of the main attributes.

The Top Attributes of Serpzilla

High Speed Backlink Placement
On the internet, you have to adapt and move fast for ranking and going up. SerpZilla now makes backlinks super fast with lightning speeds. The whole process just takes a few minutes and you can do it easily:

For Automated Backlink Creations just:

  • Create the Project
  • Select the websites you want
  • Simply click on the buy button for backlinks.

The creation of the main link takes certain moments and the backlinks are there.

Link Building Dashboard

  • Through the power of CRM, all your projects and data related to the backlinks are stored in one place.
  • Correct or change your strategy at any time and achieve results fast with the link-building dashboard.

Quality Metrics

Find the highest Domain Authority rating websites according to your needs for the selection of donor websites.
  • The flexibility of finding the websites according to your needs and backlinking on that website.

Best websites and Pages

Find the highest Domain Authority rating websites according to your needs for the selection of donor websites.
  • Serpzilla has constant growth in website for backlinking.
  • It can verify the websites multiple times for high quality backlinks from the best websites.

Niche Websites

  • With the Niche website finder, you will get websites that are niche according to your websites through the power of machine learning.
  • With a vast library of 1,000,000 pages, you will get backlinks from the highest authority websites for your niche.

Guaranteed Placement of Backlinks


With SerpZilla you get a guarantee for the backlinks:

  • With the Niche website finder, you will get websites that are niche according to your websites through the power of machine learning.
  • With a vast library of 1,000,000 pages, you will get backlinks from the highest authority websites for your niche.

With these features, you will be paying for what you are using and this shows that the company values the customers over any financial incentives.

Automated Financing

  • SerpZilla provides the flexibility of many payment options and payment methods.
  • Furthermore, you can use a single balance for many payments. There is no need to add amounts for different services separately.

Pay By Subscription

serpzilla cost subscription
  • Another advantage of SerpZilla is paying for that link, until you need it. No need to pay forever and ever for it.
  • You just pay a small part of the backlink price for each month.
  • This can help you place more links accordingly in that time frame.


Combine Backlinks and Create a Strategy

buy link

The advantages of SerpZilla are a real deal in terms of features that it provides:

  • If you want to create a unique strategy by mixing and matching from SerpZilla, Guest Posting.
  • Combine the backlinks and create a unique strategy.

Getting started with SerpZilla

To start using the organic backlink generator, you have to know the basics of this link building platform. First start with using the SignUp.

link building platform
  • Start by clicking on the “Sign Up”.
  • Fill in the details and Sign Up.
  • After the SignUp, you will be greeted with this main screen of SerpZilla.
  • Click on “Create a Project”
  • Add your website and you will be ready to use SerpZilla.
  • You will enter the “Buy Backlinks” page of SerpZilla. Let’s discuss this page  in the advantages section of SerpZilla.

Advantages of SerpZilla

There are multiple advantages of SerpZilla and in it’s functionality that helps it beat the competition:

Advanced Dashboard

The advanced dashboard is divided into different sections from Serpzilla to Guestposts and Link Insertions. Let’s discuss it one by one:


You can get different backlinks from the Niche Edits or Contextual or Sitewide.

Niche Edits

If you want to place the backlinks on the specific areas on the websites. Through the niche edits, you can place the links on specific areas of the websites apart from the content.


With the Contextual backlinks, the backlinks are placed in a classic format and organically placed inside the content of the pre-existing page with the basic keywords as yours.


Through SerpZilla you can control all the niche edits in a smart package. Through this panel you can control backlinks in the amount of hundreds or even thousands.

GuestPosts Dashboard


Advertiser’s Article

SerpZilla also assists with the building of backlinks in your content on many websites. This gives you more control over your content and backlinks.

Publisher’s article

The publisher writes the whole content that’s based on your pre-decided guidelines and publishes that on different websites, and helps in creation of backlinks.

Link Insertion

Classic In the News Format style of link insertion ,where you can gauge all the metrics regarding the style of news articles.

In the Archive


Monitor the stats based on backlink building Site in the basic and classic style of link insertion.

The Power of DR and DA in the Dashboard

As one of the best backlink builder online SerpZilla has helped you with different metrics to help understand the reputation and class of any website.

DR ( Domain Rating) – The criteria set by AHREFs, is a great measure of a website’s reputation. SerpZilla has implemented the DR rating and directly provides the Domain Rating of any website and how successful it will be for backlinks.


DA (Domain Authority) – Domain Authority is categorized as a Search Engine Ranking Score that has been set by MOZ, another SEO company. This helps in understanding the ranking score of the website. Understanding the importance of this factor, SerpZilla has added that rating to its dashboard.

These ratings of DR and DA helps the user to make better decisions in terms of investing for backlinks in better websites.

Pages on Google Index – The number of pages that are included in the Google index is specified by this parameter.


Website Traffic – In order to provide effective backlinking on that website, this option gives information about the number of visitors that arrive on it each month.


Price, $/Month – Helps in setting the budget and cost to put backlink on that website and other factors related to costs.


The ultimate level of Backlinking

You can gain complete control over backlinking with SerpZilla by using the dashboard filters.

  • You can set very specific parameters and have fine control over the amount of backlinks on the ride side pane. 
serpzilla-my filters-options
  • Here, you can tweak and change each setting according to your need from only Favorites, New Site, Price Monthly, Smart Topic, Quality of Sites, and Pages ( in which you can set the DR and DA rating as per your need).
  • Not only you can change the backlinking websites based on Topic, language and region, website regions, and even Domain Zone.
  • The Level of Control you get with the Filters section is amazing! No doubt that helps it to become one of the best backlink builders.
  • You can also refine websites based on traffic and cost as well.

An edge over competitors

Link Building + Monitoring – SerpZilla will check every backlink for you, saving you the trouble of having to do it by yourself. SerpZilla guarantees that the links you have purchased or rented will stay active for the time period provided.

Automation of Link Building – Unlike with the old backlinking method, you don’t have to wait in anticipation anymore. Approximately 90% of backlinking requests are automatically fulfilled by SerpZilla.

SerpZilla Rank( SR) – The SEO world is full of different ranking systems. SerpZilla Ranking (SR) is based on reverse engineering these metrics and providing an estimate of whether backlinking is worthwhile or not.

Automation of link Buying – With SerpZilla, link builders may quickly set up adaptable methods according to their budget and automate the process of building backlinks.

Serpzilla Pricing

SerpZilla, an authentic backlink builder, is a marketplace with an open pricing model, meaning that webmasters can set their rates according to their expertise and decision-making, and buyers can choose those links and buy them if they find them for a fair price.
Depending on the pricing structure and level of competition, the prices can range from 1 cent to anything. It is a successful strategy for anyone dealing in backlinks.

SerpZilla Rank( SR) – The SEO world is full of different ranking systems. SerpZilla Ranking (SR) is based on reverse engineering these metrics and providing an estimate of whether backlinking is worthwhile or not.

Serpzilla Review: Final Words

As a digital marketing consultant, I understand very well that building high-quality backlinks is extremely challenging, requiring a significant amount of effort and a true genius to accomplish. SerpZilla is that genius that can leverage various techniques automatically to conduct successful link building for you.

As the competition in Link Building is getting tougher and tougher, you need new and advanced tools to do the job for you. SerpZilla with its advanced automation tools and deep metrics can do deep backlinking with ease and simplicity.
In this Serpzilla Review, we considered this tool as the Best backlink builder that not only simplifies the backlink process but also decreases man hours ( along with associated costs of man hours) as well. It’s the only tool that will maximize and scale your link building to a whole new level.



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