Best Strategies to Increase CTR Click Through Rate

Best Strategies to Increase CTR Click Through Rate

Recently updated on June 22nd, 2020

Running a PPC Campaign but receiving too low clicks on your ads is a nightmare for any digital advertiser because without obtaining clicks you can’t generate a lead or sale. So if you are looking for strategies to increase CTR on your PPC Campaigns then this guide might definitely help you.

Although, you can have a detailed PPC Beginners Guide here. For only CTR purpose, just read below;

Click-Through Rate is an important metric to determine the performance of a PPC Campaign. It is the number of clicks obtained on an ad campaign per thousand impressions. Having a good CTR can help your ads get a good quality score. Remember, if you can get a high-quality score then you can gain more conversions at low ad costs. So you must focus on improving your CTR to drive better results.

Various factors can impact the CTR of your campaigns. Ad relevancy is one factor as the search engines prefer the most relevant ads rather than just a higher bid amount in the auction because user interactions are most important. When the ad is much relevant to a person and grabs the attention it results in obtaining a higher number of clicks for your campaigns.

To obtain higher CTR you need to test various kinds of ad copies and optimize the campaigns regularly. So to help you gain more CTR on your ads, I have listed down some of the best strategies in this article. You just need to go through each of them and implement them to see the change in CTR.

Now let me share with you the strategies to increase the CTR of your PPC Campaigns:

1. Using The Keywords In-Display URL:

Most people commit this mistake by either leaving it blank or entering a business name rather than adding a keyword in the display URL. Adding the relevant keywords in the display URL while writing the ad text can boost your CTR by making it look more relevant to the viewer.

Moreover, it helps your ad to occupy much space on the screen of the electronic device to gain more attention compared to the others.

2. Writing a Compelling Ad Copy:

Writing compelling ad copies can increase the CTR of your ads. If you are wondering how to write such ad copies, then don’t worry, let me share with you some tips that might help you write compelling ad copies for your PPC campaigns.

i. Attention-Grabbing Headline:

The headline is the most important aspect that can help in grabbing the attention of a viewer and click on your ad. Use power words along with the main keyword in the headline can help you make the ad more relevant.

ii. Highlighting USP:

Every business might have some Unique Selling Proposition for the products or services offered by them which makes them different from the similar things offered by the competitors. Highlighting the USP in the ad copies helps you achieve a higher click-through rate.

iii. Capitalizing The Words:

Whenever you run an ad campaign, the attention span of a viewer is too less. So you need to ensure that your ad description can be easily understood by the viewer within a few seconds. Capitalizing each word can help you with this.

For example, consider two ad descriptions one with capitalized words and the other without.

a.) Quality Education Is The Most Important Thing
b.) quality education is the most important thing

From the above two ad descriptions, one can easily read the first one rather than the second one. Moreover, using the first letter as a capital helps you improve your click-through rate as well.

Iv. Using Symbols and Numbers:

Using symbols in the ad descriptions can help your ads look different and stand out from other competitor’s ads grabbing the attention. You can use various symbols like parentheses, copyright marks, etc and test various combinations in your ads to test which drives more CTR.

Also, try to use the exclamatory but only once when using the call-to-action so that the viewer would likely click on your ad.

Most people instead of using numbers directly they type them. But using the numbers directly can boost your CTR. For example, if you are offering a 50% discount then describe it like” 50% off “instead of “Fifty Percent Off” so that viewers can easily understand your offer.

v. Call To Action:

Specifying a call-to-action in the ad copy helps you gain more clicks on your ads. You can even try different call-to-actions such as “Buy Now”,” Learn More”, etc depending on the goals of your business. Using different CTA’s in the ad copies for testing helps you find a winning ad copy and optimize the campaign further.

So following the above methods you would be able to write effectively and prepare unique ad copies. Make sure to use them in your ads to test the performance of those ad copies. Later analyze which works better driving more CTR and scale the ad which performs best among them with higher ad budget.

3. Google Ads Extensions:

When you are spending money on ads to achieve the best ROI, you must try to occupy the space on the Search Engine Results as much as possible. This helps you grab much attention from the viewer with less distraction from other ads, especially on a mobile screen.

So using the ad extensions smartly depending on your business goals you can get a much better click-through rate. Moreover, ad extensions also help you make the viewer take action such as calling your business (by using call extension) or make them visit your landing page (by using site link extension).

4. Smartly Choosing The Keywords For Ads:

Keyword research is the fundamental aspect that you should take care of the better results from PPC Campaigns. When you choose the right keywords for your ads, you might be able to reach the target audience resulting in higher click through rates.

Unless your ad is relevant to a viewer, there is less of getting clicks and generating revenue for your business. Also, optimize the keywords based on the search reports to improve the CTR regularly.

5. Competitor Analysis:

Not just PPC Campaigns even while implementing any kind of marketing strategy ensure to monitor your competitor’s marketing strategies. Spying your competitor’s PPC campaigns and analyzing them can help you compete with them. You can easily obtain the top position in the search engine results because of the fact that most people click on the first ad only.

There are many spy tools like Spyfu that can help you understand the performance of their PPC campaigns and check various aspects like their keywords, ad copies, etc that can help in optimizing your PPC so that you can get more CTR and ROAS from your campaigns.

6. Negative Keywords:

Wondering how negative keywords impact CTR? Well, they do. Optimizing your campaigns with the negative keywords helps you avoid reaching people other than the target audience. This not just helps you save money but also helps you get higher CTR on your campaigns because you will be showing your ad only to the target audience.

So make a list of negative keywords and optimize your campaigns with them so that you would reach the relevant audience which increases the CTR as well.

7. Personalized Remarketing:

While running a PPC campaign especially for high ticket product most people might not convert visiting your landing page. Using remarketing you can reach them and obtain higher CTR on your ad campaigns. Ensure to make the ad copy as personalized as possible depending on the keywords or terms used on the landing pages so that there is a higher chance of generating a click on that ad.

For example if a person visits your landing page through any traffic source, you need to remarket them with the same keywords or product names that are present on that landing page so that there is a higher chance of receiving a click on your ad.

As Click-Through Rate depends on various factors make sure to test every aspect. Test different ad copies, use different keywords for your campaigns, etc to find out the ads which have high CTR. But never forget to pause the campaigns which are performing too low by closely monitoring your campaigns.

Also, monitor the campaigns of competitors regularly to get new inspiration and optimize your campaigns based on their performance. I hope after implementing the above-discussed strategies you would be obtain higher CTR and quality score for your PPC campaigns.

Conclusion: Best Strategies to Increase CTR

Higher click-through rates definitely help your PPC campaigns to obtain a higher quality score that can reduce your ad costs and increase conversions retaining the top position in the search engine results. Make sure to implement the above-discussed strategies while running PPC campaigns to improve your CTR.

Being an experienced Google Ads professional I have helped my clients generate millions of revenue using the PPC campaigns. Spending a lot of hours managing ad campaigns over the past 7 years I can help you obtain great results as well.

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