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PPC consultant in India

PPC consultant in India

I am a PPC Consultant in India, Pranav Jha (Google AdWords Certified). I have 9 years of expertise with the management of PPC campaigns across a variety of sectors and marketplaces for small and large companies.

I develop my website for helping customers to use PPC search to assist them reach their products and services and ultimately earn from company tremendously.

Please browse my website to find out more about my PPC campaigns, my knowledge, experience, customers and the most crucial results.
Me and my team of Delhi, India professionals. I am ready to work in Delhi NCR, INDIA with major and small customers and organisations. You may call by just completing my contact form with your PPC project specifics.

Why Do You Need a PPC Expert?

Google keeps updating its features on an ongoing basis. You may lose grip on your campaign if you miss any updates or changes. You ultimately lose more money. So it’s highly recommended to hire a PPC consultant or expert to take care of all the updates. PPC experts keep changing your campaigns like ad copies and keywords and updating keywords and all the data per the campaign structure.

As an enthusiastic PPC Consultant in India, we always appeal to new features to make those changes/features ahead of your opponent and choose the greatest return on Google advertising.

Why Hire Me As Your PPC Expert and PPC Consultant ?

Its been around 10 years I have spent in the digital marketing industry and helped many startups and organizations as a digital marketing consultant. I have seen a major lacking in PPC campaigns is account structure and poor campaign optimizations. One of the key objectives of PPC campaigns is to drive more traffic and generate more leads and conversions. It is very important to understand the key objectives of the campaign and plan per target audience. 

However, it’s tough to pick someone with the right skill set for your campaigns; you need to align your call with a PPC consultant and discuss all your challenges in detail.
It’s important to discuss a few pointers in PPC campaigns before starting your campaign:

  • What is your target audience?
  • What is your target area?
  • Understanding detail of products and services before executing any campaigns
  • What is your ideal customer age?

It is my clear policy to understand the campaign’s overall objective and plan my strategy for the campaign.
The scaling of a campaign always depends upon initial efforts and the best account structure.

Payment Measurement

In PPC advertisement you are obliged to pay only when an interested person clicks on your ad. Your money flow is limited to a consumer's bars, not random surfers.

Controlled Budget

PPC allows you to establish your budget for your demands. Furthermore, the established budget is not strong and it is relatively flexible i.e.

Reaching Target Customers Is Easier

You may post your ad on the appropriate pages in your PPC advertising and design it according to your target clients. This facilitates the achievement of the objective.

Quicker Results

Compared to organic search, PPC might provide results faster. PPC campaign findings can be seen rapidly, depending on a variety of circumstances.


If you want to leave a lasting impression on the digital world, you’ll need the assistance of a skilled Google Ads specialist. PPC services demand is across the globe, and most businesses rely on PPC services for lead generation.
Quality lead generation requires the best audience targeting that drives quality audience on the website and further helps scale the campaign to a better level.


What can you expecting from a Google Ads or Google Ads PPC expert?

What Makes Pranav Jha Unique from Other PPC Experts in India?


In view of all the advantages that PPC gives each little and large firm, this industry is highly competitive. You cannot expect to get the type of results you expect from the campaign if your marketing techniques are not well-designed. We are your best paid search marketing partners at AdWords PPC Expert. We have a Google Certified AdWords Expert Team with a thorough overview of industry best practises. As a Google PPC adviser, we ensure that your advertisements are exposed to the most powerful search engine keywords and key phrases. Our PPC service is not limited to Google alone since we provide you comparable benefits on social networks, such as Facebook, Bing etc. Our staff is highly trained in each of these platforms intrinsic bidding and campaign management methods that improve your chance with a sponsored search campaign.

Based on their performance, I would optimize campaigns and improvise the budgets for winning ads for better conversion rates.

How we do it?

We manage everything when it comes to conversion-oriented PPC advertising so you can focus on developing your business. We are a well-known Google Ads specialist who takes a comprehensive approach to creating a successful PPC advertising campaign. Here’s how we go about it:

Create Google Ads Account

Create a Google Ads account for your website or online company as the first step. Our team of trained specialists stays up to date on Google Ads and their most recent terms and regulations.

Keyword Research

To choose the ideal keywords for your ad, our dedicated PPC specialist will do extensive keyword research and market analysis.

Campaign Management

You will have a dedicated PPC consultant who will be your single point of contact with us from the minute you contact us for best-in-class PPC services.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQS)

A PPC management solution handles all of your pay-per-click advertising campaigns on Google and other search engines.

SEO (organic traffic) may generate more traffic than PPC, so if you can rank your website for the keywords you want, you’ll get a lot more traffic than if you pay for the same terms. When the volume of traffic and the cost of first-page rankings for SEO and PPC traffic are compared, organic traffic wins.

While PPC has no direct influence on SEO, it might help you enhance your SEO operations indirectly. You can help develop a coherent marketing plan that increases your business by investing in both PPC and SEO.

Google’s PPC advertising platform and key source of revenue is Ads. PPC advertisers often utilise Ads to bid on the keywords that will trigger their sponsored adverts. You’ll need to make a list of keywords that are relevant to your company’s offers and that you wish to bid on.

The CPC statistic measures the average cost of ad clicks in a PPC campaign, whereas the CPA metre measures the cost of target conversions.

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