10 Best Ad Copywriting Strategies To Grab Attention and Improve Your CTR

Best Ad Copywriting Strategies

Are you looking for strategies to write effective ad copies for your PPC Campaigns? Then reading this might help you a lot because we’re going to discuss some of the best strategies that can grab the attention of a viewer and make them click on your ad improving the Click Through Rate (CTR) as well.

Advertising Spends On the Digital Platforms are growing rapidly from the past few years and is expected to rise more in the coming years. With many businesses understanding the benefits and the need to promote themselves online, many companies have started allocating a major portion of their marketing budgets to spend online.

Because of this many new campaigns are being launched targeting every possible keyword that can drive customers to their business. In such a competitive environment, with many PPC advertisers displaying their ads, writing best ad copies is the only way to grab the attention of a viewer and gain a click.

Additionally Click Through Rate is an important factor that can affect the placement of your ad and quality score. With higher CTR, you might be able to improve your quality score and reduce your Cost Per Click ultimately driving better Return On Advertising Spends from your PPC Campaigns.

If you are planning to promote your business through PPC campaigns and drive the best results from them then make sure to focus more on preparing the best copies. Following the copywriting strategies that would be shared below, you might be able to craft perfect Ad copies.

Checking your competitors and read their copies is an amazing strategy to craft your copies. Enter your related business related keywords in the popular search engines like Google, Bing, etc, and perform the search operation through which you might be able to find the ads from your close competitors.

But with this strategy, you might not be able to find many ads because some might be stopped or scheduled as well. In such cases, you can make use of various PPC spy tools like Spyfu or Semrush using which you can find some of the best ad copies used by them.

But wondering why to check their ad copies? Well, you would be able to figure out the aspect around which the copy was focused and prepared like pricing, keyword, etc. Additionally using spy tools you could find their best performing or performed campaigns.

2. Using Numbers In Your Headline:

Whether you are writing an ad or article, the headline is the most important part that should be crafted carefully because it is the first thing people would read. In Google Ads, you have a limitation of 30 characters for a headline. So your headline should be clear and concise.

Delivering a strong message within a few characters would be easy when you use numbers or statistics in your headline. You can describe the sale price or discount offered on a product or service.

For example, see the following Ad by Google where you can see the number 2000 saying Here’s your Ad Credit that makes the ad more clickable. Never make false claims because that might damage your brand reputation.

Best Ad Copywriting Strategies Google Ads

However, you can add up to 3 headlines for your Ad that get displayed one after the other with a” | “symbol. Remember people always scan through their feed. So when your ads get displayed along with many other ads from competitors, a catchy headline with numbers would make it easy to capture their attention and make them click.

Also, keep testing headlines using numbers with different contexts and find the winning ad copy so you can scale it spending more money on it.

3. Addressing Their Objections and Painpoints:

Even though you craft a good headline that captures attention, a viewer might not click on the ad. With character limits for both headlines and descriptions, you should be able to address the objections that would stop them from taking up your offer.

Understanding your audience and discussing with your customer service teams would help you to get an idea about the problems that a probable customer might face. Remember people like to avoid pain, so highlighting their pain points would make them feel better and click on your ad to buy from you.

4. Highlighting The Benefits:

Describing features in the ad copies is the most common mistake made. People are interested in buying things that offer various benefits. Highlighting the benefits in your copy would create more curiosity and make them click on your ad to learn more about the product or service that you are promoting.

Especially emphasizing the benefits that are unique about the products or services offered by your business only would help in attracting people to click because they might not have seen any other competitors providing them.

Additionally, you can use ad extensions like Call Out in Search Engine ads to address various aspects like benefits, additional information links, etc to help them learn more and occupy more ad real estate in the search engine results to make them focused on your ad.

5. Using Emotional Triggers:

When you craft an ad copy, you should be able to make them feel something through the words you use. This also helps in making your ads more memorable than boring ones that don’t even get noticed. You can also create urgency or scarcity to make them click on your ad and grab the offer.

For example, if you are using phrases like Hurry Up Now, Limited Time Offer, etc on the special discount sales that you run very rarely would create Fear Of Missing Out and make the viewer click and purchase. However, if you run that offer every month or week then better avoid creating scarcity as people won’t even click if they see such ads regularly.

6. Using The Keywords That People Use:

No one would understand if you use the technical terms related to your product or service in the ad copies.Perform keyword research and understand what types of words are being used by the people to find a business similar to you.

This would help in preparing the ad copies that people can understand easily. Always remember a confused prospect never makes a decision even to click on your ad. So avoid any kind of industry-related jargon in your ad copies that would confuse the viewer of your ad.

7. Showcasing That You Are A Local Business:

Most people believe in buying a product or service from a local business than from a national level company located far away from their place.This is because the business would seem more approachable for them to visit and get their queries/problems resolved.

So showcasing that you are local business by describing your location would make the copy more effective. Even if you have multiple branches you can create separate campaigns for each location and run the ads easily as Location-based targeting is available in your ads manager. Make sure to provide a contact number specific to that location so that it wouldn’t create any confusion.

8. Leverage Social Proof:

Leveraging social proof is an excellent strategy to gain a click on your ad because it would help in boosting the credibility of your business. Showcasing things like your company achievements, awards, certifications, experience, etc in the ad copies would make it much convincing. For example, if you have helped 1000 customers then using a phrase like 10000+ Happy Customer would make the copy more effective.

9. Use A Clear Call-To-Action:

Using a Call-To-Action that clearly persuades them to click on your ad is an excellent strategy.  Remember as an Advertiser defining what action you want them to take would make it easy for you to add the CTA in your copy rather than just random brainstorming.

For example, if you are promoting a product then you can include something like “Buy Now” that is strong enough to make them click on your ad.There are many other verbs that are simple but strong like Get Started, Join now, etc that can be used depending on what you are promoting.

Conclusion: Best Ad Copywriting Strategies

Running a PPC campaign and driving the best possible Returns On Advertising Spends would become a reality only when you have powerful ad copies that would grab the attention of a viewer and makes them click on your ad. No matter how many clicks you get, keep testing the ad copies from time-to-time as that would make it easy to spend and achieve your business goals faster.

As an experienced PPC marketer, with over 7 years of experience, I have helped 100’s of startups and big brands to generate millions of revenue by promoting their products/services managing their PPC Campaigns. So if you are looking for a PPC expert to consult or hire, please feel free to get in touch with me. I would be happy to help and see your business grow.



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