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SEO Expert In India

SEO Strategist in India- Pranav Jha

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Search engine optimization, the ultimate tool for acquiring a digital audience, is not rocket science technology! Take your business to the top rank slots of the SERP and improve the profits to leaps and bounds with me, your SEO guide. I won’t say I am an SEO expert. Still, I have spent many years learning best practices of SEO that helped me in scaling a lot of businesses and helped them generate millions of traffic, and they gained a great number of organic impressions on their websites. I am Pranav Jha, bringing you a one-stop SEO performance solution. With 9+ years of professional experience, I have worked with more than 1200 clients all over the globe. I am an SEO Consultant in India and helped many brands grow organically. I have core expertise in Google ads and SEO. 

My team and I assist startups and businesses in gaining digital prominence via organic and paid methods. It would help if you got in touch with my team, and we will ensure the best SEO solution for your venture. SEO Strategies implementation needs top SEO experts with rich knowledge about technical SEO, link building, content planning, website architecture, Schema markup, and great exposure to tools like SEMrush, Ahref’s, Keyword revealer, Screaming frog, etc. We have an open environment where we use the best tools, do in-depth market research, and access the best SEO resources. I am working with 20+ SEO professionals and content experts to improve work and add better relevancy to projects I am taking under my supervision.

How my SEO Expertise will help You

As an SEO expert in India, I can assure you that the growth of your business and prospects depends on digital platforms. Apart from a few government areas where very few people prefer to work on digital presence, most companies switch to digital mediums. It is high time you resort to digital marketing techniques like search engine optimization to gain online visibility. With a better online presence and website traffic, secure your position on the top of SERP ( Search engine ranking page) and flourish in business. Maintaining a Search engine ranking position needs proper planning and SEO techniques. Once you gain the top position via your SEO efforts under the guidance of an SEO expert or SEO Consultant, it helps you win a lot of potential leads and helps you grow at a better level. As an SEO professional and a Freelance SEO expert for different agencies ( majorly white label service providers), I have got great exposure and hands-on practice on all levels of SEO. SEO is about improving your overall context in google and keeping your website exposed per standard Google parameters. pranav-jha-with-Manish-chauhan-yogesh-thakur I bring you a tailor-made SEO plan for your business; this planning and projection are based on the years of my experience in the SEO Industry. My team reviews your existing web presence and the current standing of your website, helps you set up better expectations, and gives you a strong SEO projection. We present the most suitable SEO strategy to bring the desired and lasting outcome. Digital platforms have very high potential, like Google ads, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, and other digital marketing platforms. Most companies prefer SEO due to its investment scope and future business prospects. Although SEO needs good investment in link buying, content planning, and structuring your website, it gives freedom to move stuff with less investment if you don’t have much budget and wider reach. You can get results faster if a few things can be aligned before time and invested on time, like good content, timely blogs, and links acquired on time. SEO is all about consistency and proper planning, so if your project lacks any important parameters, you can take the help of an SEO expert. You need to align your stuff with a proper SEO strategy under the guidance of an SEO strategist. If you face difficulties, you can also hire an SEO specialist as a freelance SEO expert for your projects.

Helping you with SEO services as SEO Expert or Freelance SEO Expert

With us, you get SEO services at an affordable rate. Help your business transform into a digital brand. We work mainly in two patterns as we have a strong team of SEO professionals who understand my supervision and work per SEO planning. The first is directly working on SEO projects with my AP Web World team, and the second is guiding and mentoring as a freelance SEO expert. We offer the following SEO services to clients belonging to different fields – 

  • Website SEO Audit
  • In-depth keyword research
  • Content optimization
  • On- Page updation 
  • Linking with key tools like Google analytics 4, Google Search Console, Bing console and Google data studio.
  • Link building
  • Performance analysis for ranking

Understand how SEO works for you

Capture target audience

Our team identifies your target audience and leaves no stone unturned to increase visibility for your brand. Gain brand credibility with an SEO expert and win the race in the digital run.

Get an effective outcome

We bring on-page and off-page SEO actions that help your business cover every essential aspect related to digital marketing. No short-cut methods with us! We only make SEO moves that yield a lasting impact in making you a prominent brand in the online space.

A comprehensive approach

Get complete SEO service support from the best team led by the SEO expert India. Attain quality and organic traffic on your website to improve the conversion rates with our service offerings.

Process of SEO analysis - Why you need SEO Expert In India

  • We review your current digital performance and website content and analyze it deeply. Our team of SEO experts and Pranav Jha analyze your website content and understand your targeting in detail. 
  • We evaluate the backlinks and internal links and investigate broken links to identify the flaws. Backlinks and link structure internally and externally helps in proper authority distribution and setting up priority. Our SEO experts in India help in knowing fundamental lacking in website SEO architecture. 
  • Based on initial research, we prepare a detailed projection for your website and draft planning for 3 months or 6 months as SEO is a long-term game, and we need to plan accordingly. 
  • We use the apt SEO plan that suits your long-term objective and utilize SEO tools to fix the flaws. 
  • With us, get end-to-end SEO services with expert guidance in each step for digital growth. 
  • We do detailed research via google search console, google analytics report, and SEMrush SEO audit. Our panel of SEO experts and Pranav Jha will decide the next action plan and prepare further projects accordingly based on the current result. SEO is a continuous process that needs proper planning and execution.
  • SEO’s final result helps in further planning and research work. Our panel of SEO Experts in India will help you scale your organic campaign and improve your visibility. 

Why Choose Pranav Jha SEO Expert for Improving your SEO

Rely upon my 9+ years of experience building businesses into online brands with optimal search engine visibility. My team and I extensively research the latest digital marketing trends to develop industry-specific SEO strategies that bring a definite outcome. Boost your digital growth and performance with expert assistance. Over 9.5 years of experience, I know the core aspects of SEO after doing manual and tools audits of 10000+ websites. My team and I extensively research the latest digital marketing trends to develop industry-specific SEO strategies that bring a definite outcome. Boost your digital growth and performance with expert assistance. As a digital marketing consultant, I have helped 1200+ clients grow their businesses, which helps me know core areas where companies lack planning and where they can improve their strengths. Especially organic growth always has a lot of scopes as it relies on technical aspects, content planning and research, off-page activities, outreach approach of SEO for guest posting, and other activities. Now figuring out these lacking areas is not a big concern for my core technical SEO experts and me. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)–

An SEO Consultant India helps your business reach the top rank of search engine result page. With their knowledge and expertise, you get a strategy that combines the most useful SEO techniques and digital marketing tips.


SEO brings you online visibility and brand prominence. It boosts your profits and conversion rate, making your business one step ahead in the race. Small and large businesses should utilize SEO strategies to grow into leading brand names in the digital space. Resume timeframe depends upon strategies implementation, working pattern, and investment in content and link building. So indeed its beneficial for businesses and help in growth.

Expertise and experience are the prime qualities that you must look for while hiring SEO expert India for your business. Also, review their performance with previous clients to get a practical overview. 

Choosing our team will help you find a comprehensive SEO solution with industry-specific digital marketing tips and SEO strategy implementation. We optimize your website content to ensure the best impact on online traffic and augment the growth in real profit numbers. Pranav and the team have a decade of experience while understanding website traffic and

We ensure efficient SEO services with guaranteed outcomes. Our team makes a customized strategy for your business, covering every essential SEO component like – on-page and off-page SEO, link building, content optimization, etc. 

We do not bring the overnight success that stays shortly. My team and I focus on bringing a lasting impact on your digital presence for which we cannot define the exact timeline. However, you can expect to witness positive growth within three to six months. 


A well-made SEO strategy brings your website to the top rank of the search engine page. It augments online visibility and promotes brand credibility. The growth is exponential, with a long-term impact on sales and profit for businesses.

The high rank that your business achieves through SEO techniques generates more online traffic to the website. It makes your service relevant and people get to recognize you as a brand. Every business necessitates it. 

It depends on the package you choose. With us, you get the most competitive rates with quality service. Small businesses and growing startups can also connect to us to get a budget-friendly service deal. SEO has certain factors like the nature of business, the number of backlinks required to rank pages, and business competition, and based on this quote is decided for the project.

We offer comprehensive SEO services essential for a business to make it big in the digital space. We offer – organic SEO services, website SEO audit, On-page optimization, content optimization, link building, guest posting services, keyword research, etc. 

Organic SEO is the method that obtains a high value on the SERP through unpaid and algorithm-based methods. It generates more website clicks and a lasting impact on the audience. 

The lockdown has made people dependent on the digital marketplace to engage in business. With SEO, capture the online crowd and revive your business from the pandemic impact. I have ranked my website during pandemic time as I have to get some time to implement the best strategies, and post-pandemic, I am seeing a great impact. So it’s the best time to invest in SEO.

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