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Recently updated on April 17th, 2024

Wondering if it is worth hiring a digital marketing consultant? Well, then you have come to the right place that can help you get clarity about this aspect. Many business owners are more inclined towards hiring an inhouse team or doing themselves. But they might fail to drive the expected results from their digital marketing efforts.

Digital Marketing is way different from traditional marketing efforts. You must understand that the digital marketing industry is ever-evolving with new advanced marketing tools and platforms that require you to spend a lot of time to keep yourself up-to-date.

Moreover, you need to plan strategies based on online trends. You need to monitor, implement the planned things consistently irrespective of the results obtained especially while managing the other aspects of your business.

Hiring a Digital Marketing consultants is the best choice to enhance your online marketing efforts and drive better results without any efforts to be made from your end. This is just like having your online marketing efforts on autopilot mode.

Digital marketing experts can help in the growth of your business online in many ways.Let me share with you some of the important ways in which a digital marketing consultant can be helpful for your business.

1.Create An Effective Marketing Strategy:

As a business owner, you might be good at understanding the business-related aspects but not the marketing trends and how to analyze the performance of a marketing campaign. Every business requires an effective marketing strategy to reach the target audience of your business and achieve the goals like the generation of lead or make a sale. 

But everyone can’t prepare such marketing strategies and implement them the right way otherwise there is no reason for you to look for an article like this explaining the need for a digital marketing consultant. 

You might be best at managing various aspects related to your business. But If you don’t plan the result-driven marketing strategies you might not be able to make a good Return On Investment from your marketing efforts. But digital marketing specialists are well-experienced in preparing good marketing strategies.

There are various factors that are taken into consideration while preparing a digital marketing strategy for any business. Let me share with you some of the most important factors that are taken into consideration by the a digital marketing consultants while preparing a marketing strategy:

i.Target Audience:

Every business just can’t get a good Return On Investment trying to reach everyone on the internet and trying to convert them into your customers. Digital marketing experts prepare a buyer persona by getting more information about your probable customers. This way they would be able to identify the target audience which is an essential aspect to figure out, for planning the marketing strategy of your business.

ii.Marketing Goals:

As a business owner, you might have different kinds of marketing goals such as lead generation or customer acquisition through marketing efforts. Digital marketing consultants understand these goals and set up their key performance indicators of every service they provide to you based on the type of service.

iii.Marketing Channels:

Each marketing channel is different from each other as they have different kinds of audiences. Depending on the target audience and goals of your business, digital marketing experts choose the right channels that can be quite useful as they are well aware of the audience on a particular digital platform because of their expertise and experience.

iv.Emerging online trends:

In the Online marketing industry, new marketing tools are released and platform updates happen regularly. Digital marketing experts keep track of all these aspects so that they can prepare a good strategy based on the trends in the industry so that when implemented you can get higher ROI from the marketing strategies.

v.Past Experiences:

Good Consultants have years of working experience with various kinds of clients from different industries. Especially if they have worked for any client in your industry then they can easily prepare the marketing strategy based on the past experience of the performance from various kinds of marketing channels.

vi.Prepare A Marketing Plan Based on the Budget:

The budget is deciding whether to opt for a paid marketing strategy or organic marketing strategy. Even if you want to use both in combination the experts are familiar with the budget requirements and can easily allocate your budget to get the best results.

vii.Competitor analysis:

You might not be able to analyze your competitor’s efforts. But the digital marketing experts have the necessary expertise and tools to perform a detailed analysis and figure out what’s working for them so that they would include such aspects while planning the marketing strategy for your business.

Almost every factor discussed above is considered by a digital marketing consultant while preparing marketing strategies because of the fact that an effective marketing strategy is a must to achieve great results and drive maximum ROI.

create an effective marketing strategy

2.Consistent Marketing Efforts:

As a business owner, you might have various aspects of your business to manage or monitor. So getting some free time in your busy schedule might not be possible. But every marketing action should be performed consistently to ensure that the results are achieved.

Hiring a digital marketing consultant you can stay assured about the marketing efforts made as behind every good experienced professional there is a team working consistently to help your business grow online.

For the Successful implementation of marketing strategy, they ensure that the marketing efforts are made consistently with their team of marketing professionals. Remember they are skilled enough to implement things in the right way. So it is better to hire a consultant to have your digital marketing efforts made on auto-pilot.

3.Equipped With Professional Marketing Tools:

For the implementation or measuring the performance of the planned marketing strategies, various advanced marketing tools are required. Digital marketing professionals are equipped with all such latest marketing tools.

So you can save the costs for your business avoiding the purchase of them as you would be paying only for the services.

4.Analyze The Performance:

Every marketing strategy performance needs to be measured by checking them regularly irrespective of the efforts made while preparing it because of the fact that the strategy that worked in the past might not work today.

If you hire a good marketing consultant, they measure the performance regularly and optimize the campaigns to ensure that the maximum possible return on investment and results are obtained from the campaigns.

For example, let us consider that you have hired a consultant for managing your Facebook business page. Then there might be a sudden drop in the reach or impressions on your posts. A Digital marketing consultants analyze the performance from the page insights and try to figure out the reasons that might have led to this drop in the reach.

This way after figuring out what’s gone wrong, they try to resolve by taking the necessary measures to improve the performance of your posts again.

5.Lead Generation:

Any business can get some leads easily. But getting high quality leads consistently at a low cost is the real challenge. Depending on your budget constraints they shall plan the things accordingly either paid methods like PPC Campaigns or organic methods like SEO, Social media to generate an adequate number of leads for your business.

6.Improving Your Brand Identity:

Digital marketers are well aware of the importance of having a brand value. These experts check various assets of your business such as the social media handles, website, etc to ensure that the voice of your brand is the same such as using the same logo, same color schema on your image content or website, etc.

They will make all such suggestions so that you can build a unique identity for your business among the people irrespective of the fact that whether you just started or a well-established business.

7.Improve Your Online Visibility:

To drive more customers for your business the first step is to build awareness about your brand by reaching the maximum possible number of people in the target audience. Whether it’s through paid ads or organic methods, good digital marketing consultants can improve your online visibility optimizing the current digital marketing efforts.

8.Maintain Good Online Reputation:

In this digital era, even though many business owners make proper efforts to ensure providing better customer service some might not be satisfied and react negatively by writing negative comments or reviews on your online assets.

In these situations, a good consultant replies with the utmost care and helps in coordination between the concerned business team and the customer so that their problem gets resolved. This way a consultant helps you maintain a good online reputation and build better relationships with your customers.

9.Preparing The Content :

Creating valuable content for your audience is the best way to build trust and attract more customers to your business. But it might be a tough challenge to create content understanding the requirements and share them on a regular basis.

Digital marketing consultants can help in creation of content whether its video content or textual content to share on the social media handles or publish them on your blog depending on the needs of your business.

How To Choose A Good Marketing Consultant for your business?

Now assuming that you got a clear idea about the various ways how a digital marketing consultant can help your business grow would like to share some aspects that can help you in choosing the right consultant for your business.

1.Experience and Expertise:

Before hiring a consultant for your business,you must check how many years of experience they have in the digital marketing industry. Many digital marketing consultants have specialized areas like Search Engine Optimization or Google Ads etc. These help you choose the right person for your business depending on what marketing service is required for your business.

2.Past Clients:

You can check  their portfolio by visiting their official website. Especially If the consultant has been successful in driving results for a business in your industry then there is a higher chance that he would be able to drive same results for your business.

3.Services provided:

Almost all good consultants provide all the necessary digital marketing services required by the business owners.But it is important factor to check before you start working with a consultant because if you need any other service then you have to look for another consultant or agency.So it is always better to choose the right person who provides all the necessary services.

4.Online Ratings and Reviews:

Every good digital marketing consultant has their own website to showcase the testimonials of their past clients. You can even check the reviews on their personal brand facebook page or a google my business listing to know more about the consultant.


When you discuss with a consultant you can understand various things about them.This way you can get an idea whether to hire him or not based on your discussion with them. Remember a good consultant will openly discuss various facts in a  transparent manner even if there is anything wrong about your business aspects.

So checking the above discussed things you would be able to choose a good marketing consultant for your business.


To make your business stand out from the competitors and gain more customers reaching the target audience with your online marketing efforts you must hire a good digital marketing consultant. They have good expertise and experience to plan, evaluate and modify the marketing strategies to maximize the Return On Investment for your business.

So it is always a good choice to outsource your marketing especially with the fierce competition between various brands in the online space. Pranav Jha is an experienced digital marketing consultant in India who has helped hundreds of business owners with powerful digital marketing strategies. Please feel free to get in touch if you looking to hire for your business.



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