9 Powerful Ways To Lower Your Cost Per Click in Google Ad Campaigns

9 Powerful Ways To Lower Your Cost Per Click in Google Ad Campaigns

Wanna lower the Cost Per Click in your PPC Campaigns and landed here? Then you have landed on the right article because we are going to reveal some powerful ways to lower your cost per click in Google Ad Campaigns. Thus reducing your advertising costs and increasing your Return On Advertising Spends from the campaigns.

Search Engine Advertising is so popular because any kind of business can obtain immediate results within a limited budget. Especially for lead generation, Google Ads are the most preferred choice as the quality of leads would be much better because the ads are displayed based on the keywords.

But while running the PPC campaigns on Google, the most important goal of every advertiser is to reduce their Cost Per Click(CPC) to gain more ROI from their campaigns. CPC of every campaign, keyword, etc would be different and as a PPC marketer, you must have a clear idea about how the entire Google Ads Auction system would work out.

Having clear knowledge about it would help you take strategic steps and tweak the right things instead of just launching a campaign and waiting for lowered CPC. It might seem like a daunting task but being Google Ads practitioner myself would suggest that it wouldn’t be that tough. Let me share with you some of the powerful ways that might help you in lowering your CPC.

1. Using Long-Tail Keywords:

Most PPC advertisers bid on the popular keywords thus increasing the competition and making you pay more cost per click. Also, it is tough to understand the intent of search users based on those keywords thus your ads won’t be that relevant to the search query.

But long-tail keywords are less competitive having low search volumes because most advertisers don’t bid on them. Additionally, as an advertiser, it would be easy for you to predict the intent of the user making a search using those long-tail keywords. Make use of Keyword Planner the free tool by Google to research and find the right keywords.

This would help in reaching the users with more relevant ads increasing your Click Through Rate(CTR). Now the quality score would become high as it depends on the CTR and ultimately lowers your CPC.

2. Low Bid Keywords:

The CPC of keywords directly depends on the industry and competition for a particular keyword. Targeting competitive keywords wouldn’t help you but will increase your advertising costs. But you must stop automated bidding and switch to manual bidding process so that you can have more control than Google.

With manual bidding, you can bid lower on the keywords that are less competitive so that you would be paying less per click saving your advertising budget.

3. Negative Keywords:

Showing your ads to irrelevant search queries would reduce the Click Through Rates ultimately reducing quality score and increasing your CPC. Negative keywords would help you in preventing your ads to show up for irrelevant search queries.

Even though you might be aware of the most common negative keywords like FREE, it would be wise to monitor your ad campaigns and find irrelevant keywords. Later add them as negative keywords thus showing your ads only to the relevant audience who would be interested in buying the product that you are promoting helping you obtain higher CTR and quality score lowering your CPC.

4. Improving Click-Through Rates:

CTR is one of the factors that affect the quality score of a campaign that ultimately affects your CPC as well. Always try tweaking your ad copies or headlines that can improve your current CTR. Also, you can use different types of Google Ad Extensions like Site Link, Call Out, etc that would help you use more ad real-estate adding context to your ads and thus increasing your CTR.

Remember Google as a Search Engine also prefers the campaigns with higher CTR to rank higher than the campaigns that bid higher. Never get settled even if you are getting a good CTR because there is always a possibility of improving it further. So make sure to test your ad copies and headlines to improve your CTR.

Once your CTR increases your Quality score also would be improved ultimately lowering the cost that you need to pay for a click on your ad.

5. Quality Score:

Quality Score is an important metric used by Google that depends on the relevance of keywords, ad groups, landing pages, etc. You can find different types of quality scores inside your Google Ads Dashboard at the Keyword Level, Ad Group Level, etc. This score would be presented on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the best score that one can achieve.

There are many methods to improve the quality score like increasing your CTR, optimizing the landing pages, finding the most relevant keywords to target. Improving your quality would definitely reduce your CPC.

Additionally, AD Rank that is responsible for winning the Google Ads auction and placement of your ad depends on the quality score. So focus on increasing your quality score that can maximize your Return On Advertising Spends and place your ads on the top in the search results.

6. Single Keyword Ad Groups(SKAG):

Targeting a single keyword through an Ad Group is an effective strategy to make the headline, ad copy using the same keyword making it more relevant to the viewer of your ad.With this you would be able to personalize your landing pages as you can have better clarity about the intent behind a single keyword rather than multiple keywords being targeted by an Ad Group.

This helps in having more control over the PPC campaigns that you launch and optimize them to improve their quality score or CTR that would reduce your advertising costs and CPC. However, you might be using any match type like Broad Match, Exact Match, etc of the keyword to trigger your ads.

Additionally, you can easily figure out the best performing keywords helping you invest more in the performing ad groups and reduce your wastage of budget while running the Google Ad Campaigns.

7. Scheduling Your Ads:

Running the ad campaigns around the clock would reduce your CTR and ROI. Additionally, every business might not work 24/7 so if you are planning to sell physical products then it would be wise to turn off the campaigns when it is not operational.

Scheduling the ads to show up only during the day time or night time when your potential customers would buy the things from you would help in obtaining a good number of clicks on your ads. So Ad Scheduling would be useful to gain more clicks on your ads and reduces the costs of every click once the quality score gets improved.

8. Location-Based Targeting:

Do you know that your potential customers reside only in specific locations? Then you would be wasting money running ads across the country or region. Location-Based targeting is the best strategy to use in such scenarios.

Showing your ads only in specific locations you would be able to reach the right people who would buy your product or service. You can also find location-specific keywords that clearly indicate the intent of a searcher.

While launching your campaigns, as an advertiser you can target specific areas, regions, Pincode, or radius around a particular location. This way you would reach potential customers and obtain a higher number of clicks on your ads ultimately lowering your costs.

9. Landing Pages:

Landing page user experience directly affects the quality score that can lower your ad costs. If you are running PPC campaigns using landing pages then make sure that they load fast with a proper navigation facility and responsive design.

Make sure that the offer on the landing page is relevant to the ad copy and headline. For example, if you are advertising about a product have that product related offer only on the landing page instead of having all the products you sell. This would help in more conversions as well along with the improvement of quality score.

Conclusion: How to Lower Cost Per Click

If you are running PPC campaigns, then lowering your Cost Per Click would help in saving a lot of advertising budget and gaining a higher Return On Advertising Spends from the Google Ad campaigns. Following the methods discussed above on a consistent basis, you might be able to achieve better results for your business with a limited budget.

But if you are looking for someone to manage your Google Ads and deliver the best results for your business then please feel free to get in touch with me. With over 7 years of experience in running PPC campaigns, I have managed and generated millions of revenues for many clients across various industries over the years. So make sure to get an exclusive quote for your business.



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