Pranav Jha’s Story To Becoming
A Google Ads Specialist.

Read The Journey That Made Me a Google Ads Specialist

I, Pranav Jha, have worked as a digital marketing expert for different industries with more than 10+ years of experience. I have worked with 1200+ clients worldwide, helping hundreds of companies, startups, and business firms increase their online brand presence.
I am running a Digital Marketing Agency – AP Web World ( Google Partner Agency ) and running a digital marketing institute, Professional institute of marketing & strategy ( PIMS )
I have done 50+ events across different cities of India with the name of DM Conference and helped many professionals in their journey.
My core expertise is Google Ads(PPC Expert) and SEO ( Search engine optimization), developing brands strategy for startups and businesses.
You might find me always eager to help young and future digital marketers to the best of my knowledge

Why You Need google ads expert?

Are you a business owner looking for A Google Ads Expert to run the campaigns of your business? Well, then you have come to the right place.

Hiring a good Google Ads Expert is the best decision you could ever make who can grow your business with a smart strategy.

Google Ads Specialist in Noida

You will be able to generate more leads, sales and increase your business revenue within a short period by hiring me.

A most common mistake made by business owners is trying to manage their ad campaigns on their own assuming that just paying money and hoping to get results would work out.

Though in the beginning when Google Ads (Adword) got started people used to get results to some extent doing such things. But in a modern competitive environment, it is almost an impossible task to drive effective ROAS or ROI for your business.

Even though Google Ads are cheap compared to traditional advertisements, still you might end up wasting a lot of money with no returns from your ad budgets.

Let me tell you one thing PPC experts like me spend hours every week by performing research, planning and refining ad strategies by analyzing various metrics from live running campaigns.

PPC Advertising Specialist in Noida

So I am more familiar with using the Google Ads configurations in the right way that you might never become irrespective of how good you are at other aspects to your business.

Moreover, you will just waste a lot of time in understanding the various settings in the Google Ads Account. So hiring a Google Ads specialist would be the best decision you could make for launching and managing your ad campaigns. Now let’s discuss in detail what I can do for you as a Google Ads Specialist.

What Can I Do For You As A Google Ads Specialist?

Do you want to know what things I can do when you choose me to work with you?

Well then, let me share with you some of the most important tasks I would do when you hire me as your Google Ads specialist;

Keyword Research:

Finding the right keywords can reduce your ad costs and increases the performance of your campaigns. I would perform the keyword research and explore new advertising opportunities that will help you to take businesses to scale in the right direction.

Google Ads Specialist in Noida
Google Ads Specialist in India

Competitor Research:

Finding good competitors and analyzing their marketing strategies can be quite useful to plan optimized strategies effectively for your business. Using various SEO methods and spy tools I would analyze your competitor’s budgets, ad copies, etc to build a smart plan for your campaign.

Testing New Ads:

Testing new campaigns is mandatory to find winning ads that can help bring more quality leads or customers for your business. I would write multiple ad copies with engaging headlines and run them to test their performance.

Based on their performance, I would optimize campaigns and improvise the budgets for winning ads for better conversion rates.

Optimizing The Campaigns To Improve Performance:

Launching an ad requires many things to do such as keyword research, writing ad copies, etc. Even after making such efforts an ad campaign might not be profitable as expected.

Optimization is the key to make an ad campaign much more profitable driving a better ROAS. Making little adjustments can reduce your ad costs and improve your performance.

Apart from these most important tasks, I would continuously monitor the performance, plan bidding strategies and analyze the results of the campaigns with the only goal to provide maximum ROAS for your business.

Generate More Leads / Sales Reducing Your Costs:

Planning a good strategy and implementing it after finding the right keywords for bidding, I would be able to generate more leads/sales for your business reducing your costs by making your ads reach the most probable customers.

Well, now I hope you got to know some of the things which I do as a Google Ads Manager for your campaigns. Let me share with you what I have done so far in my journey as a Google Ads Specialist.

Explore My Executions So Far As PPC Specialist!

Even though I have done many things during my journey as a Google Ads Specialist some of the noteworthy achievements are:

  • Worked with all kinds of businesses from startups to big brands from various industries as their Google Ads Specialist.
  • I have generated millions of revenue successfully for my clients over the past 10 years of working experience with a Good ROAS.
  • Have performed audits of many client’s ad accounts and suggested what they can do for better results.
  • Increased brand presence for several top brands using Google Ads.
  • Ran different types of campaigns such as search engine campaigns, display campaigns, video campaigns, etc depending on the needs of my clients.
  • Have written great Ad copies and able to reach the most probable customers planning good digital advertising strategies.

Why Work With Me For Managing Your Google Ad Accounts?

Being a business owner, you might be wondering why you should hire me? So let me share some of the reasons to work with me:

Glad about informing you that I am a Google Certified Google Ads Expert.

I would prepare a marketing strategy only after performing all the basic tasks such as keyword research, competitor analysis, etc so that they would be effective enough to drive the desired results once launched.

You can expect to get a quick response from me on time and clarify all your doubts if you have any. You can even share your thoughts or goals with google ads, which I am happy to hear always. Moreover, we can discuss various details about your business so that we can get new ideas to promote your brand creatively using Google Ads.

I would charge affordable fees for all Google Ads services I provide such as consultations, management, and audits. Even if you are a startup you would be able to afford my fee as it would vary depending on your ad budgets rather than a high fixed fee.

As an eager person to learn new things, I keep myself up to date with the latest changes to Google Ads. This is one of the major reasons behind my success with previous clients.

I have spent a large amount of time working on ad accounts and optimizing the campaigns over the years. I am well-experienced in using various tools in the Google Ads Account like Keyword Planner to explore new advertising opportunities and drive more ROAS.

Being a business owner, you might require to drive different campaigns at once. I am experienced in running all types of Google Ad Campaigns with shopping, search engine campaigns, video campaigns, display, apps install and their combination to bring more uniform experience for your business.

I will deliver ad reports weekly or monthly depending on your budget and optimize several Key Performance Indicators of campaigns regularly.

Running a large campaign can confuse anyone. So to analyze the current performance and obtain the full potential from your ad account auditing is a must. Depending on the requirements of your business PPC Audits are conducted and reports would be shared for optimizing them continuously.

I would promise the results with complete clarity, ROI projections and performance analysis. You can stay assured about the results and reports delivered on-time for a seamless experience.

Want to Hire Me to Manage Your AdWords Account?

I suppose the above reasons have been able to convince you to work with me. Remember not to make a mistake of choosing a PPC Expert solely depending on their fee because launching Google Ad Campaigns and running them successfully maintaining the ROAS requires a lot of experience and expertise so each ad specialist would charge a similar fee.

With proper research and effectively planning the strategies, I can assure you that I would be able to reach the target audience of your business. Optimizing your campaigns I can reduce your costs and increase the performance using my 10+ years of experience as a Google Ads Specialist.

Working with me you can share and discuss various business perspectives so that I can help you to stay ahead of your competitors using Google Ads and drive more Return On Investment(ROI) for your business.

So now if you are convinced enough to work with me then I would be glad to work with you. Please contact me now so that we can schedule our meeting and discuss it further.

Even if you have any doubts or want to share anything with me, then I would like to inform you that I am always open to any discussions. Feel free to get in touch with me anytime!

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