Local SEOs Most Focused on Link Building & Content Development

Local SEOs Most Focused on Link Building and Content Development

In this digital era, local SEO has shown significant improvement in the last few years as businesses are now using paid marketing to reach customers instantly and get extra leads. A recent survey by Moz gave startling facts that more than 80% of the 1300 local businesses were using Google Ads. (Source) Showing an improved shift of 10% from the last year.

Undoubtedly, COVID 19 had a vast impact on the overall SEO process and marketing budgets. Though most of them are now positive as lockdown measures are being removed slowly.

A high percentage of 71% were using a local building strategy for their business. Here is a list of factors in link building with the highest ROI value.

Content Development had a share of 38.1%, no link strategy for 28.3%, direct with 10.2%, sponsors (5.7%), Event Hosting (5.4%), other (3.8%), None of the above (3.6%), Contests (2.4%), job posting (1.6%), and app development with the least share of 0.8%.

Best Local SEO tactics came out to be link building with content development as the follower.

Local link building – 18%
Local content development — 15%
On-site optimization — 13%
Technical analysis of ranking/traffic/conversions — 9%
Website design — 8%
Review management – 7%
Social media – 6%
Email marketing — 5%
Technical needs — 4%
Schema — 4%

The report offered insights that competitive industries such as real estate, automotive, and the legal had dedicated planning for link building. While for the enterprises and corporates, the top agenda in SEO strategies were the following.

Review management – 13.9%
Local content development – 13.2%
On-site optimization – 13.2%
Local link building – 11.1%
Technical analysis for ranking/traffic/conversions – 10.4%
Website design – 9%
Schema – 5.6%
Other Google Business Profile features management – 5.6%
Technical needs — 4.2%
Social media — 3.5%

Most of the business owners had an assumption that Google Business profile is one of the main ranking factors for online sites. Still, other factors such as posts, reviews, Q&A, and images can also have a significant impact on the site ranking.

The majority of the owners (48%) put local SEO in the marketing department, business owners (15%), account managers (9.1), webmaster (6.6%), IT department (3.4%), and rest were in the other groups. 68% of owners used more than two SEO tools, whereas 12% were using six or more, and 20% were using a single SEO tool or none.

Local SEO is one of the essential parts of digital marketing. Location of businesses on Google map, reviews, images, and posts play a primary role in attracting online clients. However, owners have a lot of confusion on the metrics that define their Google site ranking.

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