6 non-SEO practices that are proven to boost your SEO indirectly

SEO practices

SEO is one of the best ways to get organic traffic to your website. Marketers try their best to rank by working on a variety of SEO strategies to rank for brand-related keywords. 

But in my journey, I have known many businesses that have ranked on brand-related keywords very nicely without even doing SEO. 

Yes, it is possible!

Do you want to know how?

The digital world is like a city; your website is your office. Anything you do in this city outside your office will get people to come into your office, just as it is in the real world. So even if you are not working on your SEO, you are doing something else online that boosts your SEO. 

In more technical terms, the internet is a network that has access to data from all digital platforms. Google has access to this data, and it tracks the data from all the platforms. So if you are active on any other platform in a professional way with audiences, Google notices it and sees you as authoritative, and thus it starts ranking you higher.

6 non-SEO strategies that you can use to rank higher without doing SEO directly.

1. Working on PR Activities

 I just audited one of the websites today and found that their brand searches are almost 3,000 without SEO, and they are only doing PR and nothing else.

2. Updating your website content regularly

When you update regular content regularly with the primary motive of giving value to your visitors, You are working on your SEO even if you are not researching keywords. So keep posting blogs and videos on your website, focusing primarily on quality.

The Internet is the kingdom of content. So even if you don’t focus on any strategy and just keep on publishing valuable and informative content for your audiences, You rank.

3. Advertising

I have worked with many businesses that prefer ads for fast and warm traffic and pay less attention to SEO. And yet their SEO KPIs are impressive. When you do Google Ads and Social Media Ads, people become aware of you, and then they visit your website on Google to know more; they are improving your traffic.

4. Social Media Marketing

I know so many influencers who worked only on YouTube and created a website much later, and within a month, they were ranking on the first page for their brand keywords and some other supported keywords. Social media event posting and data sharing help push your stuff, and some viral content may fetch some links for your website.

That is why it is said to build an audience on one platform first and then easily divert the existing audience to other platforms.

5. ORM Activities 

Some of the businesses that approached us for their SEO had nice Google reviews, a good Glassdoor presence, and were quite active on forums. It had already boosted some KPIs and helped them rank even faster.

People look for social proof before they trust a website. And Google looks for websites that are trusted by people. So being active on forums, having good reviews, etc. tells Google that you are trusted by people, and thus you should rank higher.

6. A/B testing website elements

Updating content on your website is good, but testing it regularly turns the content into magical spells.

 What type of content is most engaging? 

Which types of headlines get more clicks? 

Which “call to action” gets the most conversions? Which designs are performing better? 

What color combinations are performing better for your website? 

What website structure is more UI and UX-friendly? 

And there are so many more things you can test. And then optimizing the tested stuff accordingly at regular intervals helps you rank higher.

Does that mean you can ignore working directly on SEO?

Absolutely no! It will be like having a serious health problem, and to tackle that, one goes to the gym, meditates, and eats healthy but completely ignores medicines. 

Working on overall digital marketing will help, as everything is interconnected, but you must focus specifically on every aspect too.

This was the reason we chose to serve not only specific parts of digital marketing but also provide digital marketing services as a whole. We understood that it is all connected in ways that go way deeper than we think.



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