What is the benefit of advertising online With Google ads?

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Ever seen a search result tagged as ‘Ad’ when you search for something on Google? 

Well, that’s what Google Ads doing at its best for you!

Wondering how to blow up business and beat your competitors? Or do you want to increase your sales but don’t know how to do it? 

Don’t worry, here’s a solution to all your queries. Have you ever heard of Google ads? You must have been but if not let me tell you what it is. It is a platform where you can advertise your business and improve growth. There are a lot of benefits of Google Ads if you have explored it prior.

What are Google Ads? 

Google Ads lets businesses pay to highlight their website. 

Isn’t it crazy?

Well, wait!

Based on the keywords businesses bid for, the quality score, and other factors, websites can appear in various google search results.

Simply put there is ‘n’ number of factors of how and why your ad works and does not work well on Google.

Google ads is an online advertising platform where you can do paid advertisements for your business. Advertising on Google ads is one of the most effective ways to grow your business as it is the World’s largest search engine that offers you a wider range of customers. Every single second there are more than 63,000 searches performed on Google 

A huge number Indeed!

Why choose Google ads?

To choose any platform you need to know why we should choose them? So, now we will discuss why one should choose Google ads to do their advertisement? The following are the reasons behind why choose Google ads – 

1. It provides you with fast results

 It is being observed that Google ads provide you with very fast results in the blowing up of your business when compared to any other online advertising platform like SEO Expert. Google ads provide all of its users with a very transparent system by offering them with in-detail information like what are the keywords that brought visitors to your website. This feature of google ads makes it different from other online advertising programs.

2. It targets a huge amount of viewers – 

Google is the world’s largest search engine targets a very huge amount of viewers and customers. If you set your campaigns properly Google ads will make you lead, grow your business and it helps you to beat your competitors with greater differences. It also helps you make changes continually and make it simpler for audiences to visit your website and take services and products offered by your business. When more people see your advertisement it brings more people to visit your website and hence, it brings growth to your business automatically.

3. It Increases your brand awareness 

A Good businessman/businesswoman is the one who not only looks after getting higher returns on investment, getting a wider range of audience, etc but also focuses on increasing his/ her brand awareness. Unlike any other online advertising program, Google ads offer you a feature to improve your brand awareness in the market. Brand plays a very major role in the growth of the business, to increase brand awareness among the market one must choose google ads.

As per the industry results, it was discovered that search ads boost awareness by an average of 6.6%. Search Ad helps you in running a branded search campaign, hence you can also discover variations in how people are searching your brand on google and resulting in increased brand awareness. 

The best ad type if you want to increase your brand awareness is the Display Network runs text ads, colorful image ads, and multimedia ads (like video or animation) that can be particularly good for showing branding messages.

Benefits of Google Ads for Your Brand

There are so many benefits of Google ads offered by Google let us discuss a few of them –

1. Offers you a higher return on investment –

The best thing about choosing Google Ads is the high ROI it offers.

Google ads are very well known for their feature of making you pay only for ads i.e the (PPC Model) on which the customers have clicked and this ultimately helps you to get a higher return on investment. 

You should keep on testing and tracking your campaigns as it will help you make the best out of them and hence, get a good return on investment.

Because with Google Ads you are only paying for results you get rather than spending your whole expenditure getting nothing!

For Example

Say, for example, that you advertised a product that costs $500 to produce and sells for $900. You sold six of your products with help of your Google Ads campaign, so your total sales are $2600, and the total cost to produce the goods was $1400. You spent $500 on your Google Ads campaign. So the probable ROI will be like

ROI = ($2600 – ($1400+$500)) / ($1400+$500)

ROI = ($2600 – $1900) / $1900

ROI = $700 / $1900

ROI = 0.35, or 35%

Hence, you got an ROI of 35%, which would be very difficult for you to get with any other ad platform.

2. You Get Faster Results-

With Google Ads you do not have to wait patiently like SEO, you can easily bid on your highest converting keywords and even get more traffic very quickly. It provides results very fast if targeted correctly.

Let’s understand this with help of an example

You are a bakery brand and have run ads for your store. Now some user clicks on your ad that is probably he/she shows interest in your product and he is more likely to buy the bakery products from your website. Hence you get faster results and sales, but if the same situation you would expect from SEO then the results would be different.

3. Better Reach with Precise Targeting

Targeting the right audience is the key to hacking the google ad strategy as getting the right set of audiences will drive your results.

But have you ever thought about how it is possible?

Well, beating competitors is something every businessman tries for and google ads is a platform that will help in this

You need to use your Top Performing Keywords in order to target the right audience for high conversions.

Pro Tip – Always target the audience that performed well for you in the past as this will always work well for your brand and will give you high conversions.

For the growth of every business getting genuine buyers or service, takers is important and google’s ads help you to get these targeted and genuine customers to visit your website.

4. It helps you to use remarketing audiences –

Google ads not only help you to bring visitors to your website but also provides you with complete in detail information regarding your visitors like from where did they visit your website, which keyword did they clicked and it also helps you to bring back customers who have previously visited your website i.e Google ads help you to remarket your audiences. It is one of the effective benefits that you get via running google ads.

5. It creates campaign Strategies based on audience –

Google Ads provides you with the amazing benefit of creating campaign strategies based on the audience. As previously mentioned, on Google ads you can create, make changes, add things anytime. You can create strategies completely based on your audience which can result in greater reach and an increase in the sales of your products.

6. More App Installs for your Brand

If you are not aware of the fact then yes it is true that Google Ads will help you increase the reach and even installations of your app.

It allows users to directly install your app directly from your ad and Google ads to make sure that the user gets the best experience from the ad he/she clicks on.

Google Ads for Application is based on 2 objectives

  1. Cost Per Action – 

In this model, the user only pays on a fixed amount basis on the action you take. Simply put it is like a subscriber-based model wherein advertisers will pay after every subscription made.

  1. Cost Per Install – 

In this type of model, you select the budget you have, and google ads try to push the maximum possible installs in the limited budget you have. So that the maximum has been made within the given budget and the advertiser decides how much he is willing to pay to acquire new users for his app.

Conclusion –

Google ads are perfect and a great platform to do advertisement for your business as it offers you so many benefits like higher returns on investment helps you to create campaign-based strategies, increase your brand awareness, and a lot more. It is also very affordable and provides you with faster results when compared to any other online advertising program.


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