Book Review – Career Crush by DP Vishwakarma

Book Review - Career Crush

Recently updated on July 26th, 2023

Being in the digital marketing industry I always see a lot of changes and challenges while dealing with different clients and different people. Books help me in my journey whether it’s the concept of digital marketing or related to my career. As a mentor, I have seen these young digital marketing aspirants face a lot of challenges, and self-help books always help them and I always give recommendations to my students to read quality writers. Self-help books are very popular these days, and many authors are trying to educate people through their books. My favourite genre is self-help. I truly believe that learning something can give me a growth mindset about my career and life. I believe that everyone should read self-help books themselves in their life. Recently, I read a book, and I am sharing my honest review of DP Vishwakarma’s book.

Book Title & Book Cover:

A book cover is as simple as it can be, yet the simplistic approach with font and colour makes the book stand out on the bookshelf. With the cover’s bold font and yellow colour, this book will grab your attention easily. The title of the book is very simple, but from the title, you can easily understand what the book is all about. DP Vishwakarma has penned a title in slang that today’s youth understands and follows.

What the Career Crush book has to offer:

Anyone can be stuck at any point in their career, It doesn’t matter whether making money or struggling to get a job. In general, Maximum people are confused and seeking career counselling about how to follow their passion and monetize it. “Career Crush”, aims to resolve the conflicts in mind while choosing a career option that is passionate about it.

The book is divided into seven parts,

  1. Why This Book?
  2. Know Yourself
  3. Success Visualisation
  4. Train Your Brain
  5. Assets for A Dream Career
  6. Design your Income
  7. Bonus Chapter: If you missed out on getting your dream job, what’s next?

Each Chapter is connected to the others and beautifully designed to cover one problem per chapter and explain the complete solutions. 

The book is conversational, making it more interesting than a regular self-help book. This book is full of life lessons, real-life stories, exercise tables, and a few logical principles. It answers each question that will make you reanalyze your life or career goals and your approach toward them.

Why the book Career Crush going to popular:

Honest approach by the author:

This is the era of social media, and nothing is hidden. You can get information about anyone, especially if someone is a social media influencer and use social media graphics to gain some position in the competitive market. The example of honesty that DP Vishwakarma himself shows on social media, has presented the same example of honesty in his book as well.

If you look at his previous posts on Instagram and how he looks in the past and now in the present, you can see his journey. He tried to put all the information about what he did, and what his failure and with his experience, he is trying to educate a new India. Some of his personal experiences shared in the book are very relatable, everyone can relate to career confusion and pressure, anxiety, depression, etc.

Conversational Tone:

Understanding people and talking to them on such topics about which everyone hesitates a lot and does not know how to talk openly. The author has brilliantly explained the book in a way of setting up a conversation with questions and answers. And sometimes, asking readers questions helps their minds process the information they just read. And each question set makes you think, and the author has also given his personal answers and has tried to understand from the story and reference.

Now the world is changing, everyone is connecting with the internet, so the author has also explained that when it comes to career, how can you help yourself with the help of the internet, like this very beautifully in one chapter Explained how you should plan dreams and how to do money management for that.

Simple and crisp chapters:

In today’s era, no one has time, and when it comes to reading books, people are very lazy. So, keeping this in mind, the author has taken care of how to explain anything easily and quickly to today’s youth. Each chapter is crisp and unique, and author DP Vishwakarma has written in such a way that if you read the first chapter, you will not stop yourself from finishing this book.

Personal life lessons:

In this book, the author has shared his life experiences throughout, which is very inspiring. When you learn from someone’s personal mistakes, the lesson is known, and you can save yourself time, money, and effort by not making the same mistake. Readers will laugh, question, and sometimes even tear up as they read the author’s experiences and dilemmas.

I always advise reading self-help books that observe how the book affects you.

In this interesting book review video, I discussed my viewpoint on “Career Crush.” To accompany me on this literary trip, see the video below!

Why I liked this DP Vishwakarma’s Career Crush Book:

It is not in everyone’s capacity to accept their failure, everyone tells the reason for their failure to someone else without analyzing what were the actual reasons behind that failure. DP Vishwakarma has explained very well in this book that you should not take decisions too quickly, and no matter what stage you are in your life, you have scope to move forward, but at the same time, you should know what is true success for you. and What matters to you, and also explain that with confidence everything is achievable.

The author shares how equations with age, money, and relationships keep changing from time to time, but you should save things for your growth path so that you can easily use them when you need them.

The author emphasizes learning from mistakes, And If a person cannot learn from mistakes, then he is moving backwards. And explained that don’t start anything that after a few years, it will be of no use to you if you are not passionate about it or have zero interest.

Why read DP Vishwakarma Book:

Everyone makes mistakes and learns from them, And as far as I understand him through social media and his book, he has achieved a lot, and he is very verbal about each achievement and failure. Every person should read a good book and also learn from such people who are self-made.

What I did not like about the book:

I did not feel that anything was useless. Every chapter looks fine, and yes, you can read this book in one sitting, but the exercises of the book are such that you will have to give time.

About the author: DP Vishwakarma

DP Vishwakarma is an Internet entrepreneur, Author, mentor, and Social media Influencer. Vishwakarma founded KeywordsFly Technology. Today he spends his time creating content, teaching online, and mentoring Indian youth.

Book Details:

Book Title: Career Crush

Author: DP Vishwakarma

Genre: Self-help

Availability: Amazon and other platforms

No. of Pages: 208

My Rating: 4.5/5



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