When should we plan for a guest post or backlinks?

plan for a guest post or backlinks

Everyone in the market talks about backlinks and guest posting, but if you ask in detail, fewer people will give you a clear idea about the timing and planning of guest posting. 

They prefer to go with random websites without checking the details of the website. 

Spammy websites have fewer benefits and more harmful factors involved on a long-term basis. 

Google crawler is just 1 step ahead, and once they catch your steps, you won’t be visible in SERP. 

Recently one of our SEO clients has seen great growth as per his niche and expectations. 

Most startups and individuals hardly know what SEO or SEO Experts can do for their business. 

Our client is dealing in the supermarket franchise niche, and as per agencies discussion, he thought SEO couldn’t do much, so it was not a part of the growth strategy. 

We have taken SEO and complete digital marketing with full assurance to take his brand to the next level. 

After continuous work on On page SEO, he has seen what SEO can do, ranking on competitive keywords and top. 

Although a lot of factors are involved in it, it’s not about only on the page. You need to take care of the following things: 

  1. Regular content update. 
  2. Improving the overall relevancy of the content must be fresh.
  3. Your information and data must be well researched as per the niche. 
  4. Optimization of video and images helped us to a great extent. 
  5. Improving the structure of the website always adds impact to your SEO efforts.

Now we have explained to him the core benefits of having guest posts and strong link on the page also stuck somewhere, and at that point, you need a backlink as a rank booster. 

Tools like Ahrefs give you a complete idea about the number of backlinks needed to cross your competitor’s page strength. 

A backlink is one of the best strategies once you reach the best page level and still hang around 2-3 rd pages of SERP.



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