5 Backlink Checker Tools for Everyone in 2024

Backlink Checker Tools

Backlink checker tools are crucial aspects behind the success story of any website. In this digital era, no website wants to fall behind in the online visibility index. Search engine optimization enhances the digital visibility of the websites, thereby boosting the magnitude of the return. Does backlink have a role to play in it? It surely does!

Backlinks are significant for the website if you want to rank up in the SERP. The strategy for external and internal backlinks directly impacts SEO traffic and outcome. Hence, it is vital to review and evaluate the backlinks. It is a process that needs your attention before going for organic SEO traffic. Bring focus on generating quality backlinks to your websites to boost the SEO strategy impact. 

Understanding backlinks

Before going into the different tools, understand what backlinks mean or refer to. In SEO, backlinks are known by distinct terms. Do not get confused by the terms like inbound link, one-way link, or incoming link, as they all refer to backlink in the world of SEO. There are online links present on a page of a website and refer to another website page. 

In other words, a backlink generates when one website links to another one. Search engines like Google, Bing, etc. use the backlink information to determine the ranking. The search engines take account of the backlink votes for a particular web page. Any page with a high value of backlink numbers reaches the upper slots of the search engine ranking. Thereby, it performs exceptionally well with the SEO outcome.

The importance of backlinks for your website

Backlinks are crucial for SEO and, thus, are vital for your website. A backlink indicates that the website is valuable and the content is relevant, for which it is getting redirected. It impacts the Google algorithm. For example – a website page contains the link to your website in their content. What does it imply? It means the content in your page is relevant to another website for which it has gained a place in another page’s content. As a website gets more inbound links, Google and other search engines deduce that the content on the page is relevant and valuable. 

Hence, it helps in bringing the organic crowd to your page and also rank up in the SERP. Your website can get backlinks in three ways – 

  • Manual links
  • Natural links
  • Self-created links

Are all the backlinks valuable?

Backlinks are essential for better SEO performance, but not all are valuable for your website’s performance on the search engine algorithm. In fact, some inbound link sources may deteriorate the visibility index. Like you use the Keyword Research Tools to figure out which keywords are relevant to use in the content; it is equally vital to find out the same thing for inbound links. Evaluate the quality of the inbound link with the new-age tools available in the digital space and decide the next move. 

Do you require a backlink checker tool?

You require Backlink Checker Tools to recognize the high-quality backlinks. Using such tools is beneficial for the performance of the website in the SERP. It also helps you develop a better link-building plan. The quality link brings valuable attention to the website that generates long-term impact. You get traffic that finds your page relevant and gain authority on the audience. 

Backlink Checker Tools worth trying out – It is easy to find tools that check whether the inbound link is harmful to your SEO performance. The best backlinks usually get generated from credible websites. But what about the other options? Spam websites can bring a negative impact on your search engine rank. So, you can always use the popular and effective checker tools under free trials. You can also pay for the same, but most tools offer a free trial. Instead of getting confused with the many choices in checker tools, here’s presenting your five best options to try –  

  1. Ubersuggest

The inbound link checker tool Ubersuggest is from Neil Patel. It also has keyword research options alongside backlink checking. It can collectively show results for new backlinks, the lost links, etc. With this tool, you can keep a thorough track of the backlinks of your site. Also, recognize the high-quality link-building options. Figure out the top-most web pages and their backlinks to become aware of the competition. You can get information on backlink history of up to three years with the tool. 

  1. Moz 

The Moz link explorer consists of a vast index of live backlinks from millions of domains. With Moz, find out backlinks for any website and research the backlinks of your market competitors. Identify the broken link on your site through Moz. You can also review the spam score and monitor the lost links. With the consolidated features of the tool, get information on domain and page authority. 

  1. Ahrefs

Ahref has an extensive database of unique domains and information on backlinks. The backlink analyzer tool crawls over billion pages per day to fetch accurate information about the quality of the links. With Ahref, get information on the total number of inbound links of a particular domain and critical backlink ratings like DR and UR. Recognize the lost and new backlinks alongside finding out the most-linked pages that belong to your industrial domain. 

  1. Semrush

Semrush is undoubtedly among the most powerful tools with probably the biggest database. With the easy-to-use tool, find new and lost backlinks conveniently. You can filter the inbound links as dofollow, sponsored, nofollow, etc. Get accurate information on domain authority and the credibility of the referring domains. You can also identify the different types of inbound links and get notified when the links get deleted or removed. 

  1. Linkminer

Linkminer is a backlink evaluator from Mangools, for which you have to open a Mangools account. Through Linkminer, you can filter the backlinks according to deleted, new ones, lost ones, and nofollow. You can also tag favorite backlinks through this tool. It helps in recognizing the competitor backlinks which you can target. Additionally, use the tool for tracking your backlinks for fixing. 

Final thoughts on the tools

Use the tools to generate better SEO outcomes through backlinking your website. You can always find expert assistance with Pranav Jha SEO expert, your SEO Strategist in India. Get the best advice and SEO strategies and backlink building with professionals.



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