9 Powerful Ways To Get More Ideas For Creating Unique Content For Your Business

Ideas for Creating Unique Content

Creating content every single day might make you get stuck when you run out of new content ideas and this problem is not just faced by you. You might be a writer or podcaster or vlogger but every content creator faces this problem regularly. For writers, this is called the Writer’s block.

Coming up with new and unique content ideas frequently might seem like a daunting task making you spend a lot of time finding them. Don’t worry I have got some excellent resources in this guide to come up with new content ideas whenever you need to create fresh content in a short period of time.

Interacting with your readers or followers through the comments can help you get more insights, feedback, and build a good relationship with them. You can get amazing content ideas from the questions they ask or topics they request you to create content about.

Moreover, your audience would feel better building a loyal follower base for you. Comments might be on your social media posts or YouTube Channel or On your Blog Posts. The best part is that this resource never fails to help you get new ideas because the more content you create, the more people interact and the more ideas you would get to create content. Remember comments from assets like blogs or YouTube owned by your competitor would also help.

2. Content Research Tools:

Content research tools not just help you with the content ideas but you will also understand what type of content your target audience is interested to read in your industry. There are many tools like Buzzsumo, Social Animal, etc that would show you the content that has received more shares or engagement on the top by just entering a keyword related to your topic.

For example, here I have entered the term “blogging” in the tool Buzzsumo to find out the most popular content and the first result has more than 20k engagement on Facebook alone. Of course, in other cases, you might see the content with a higher number on other social media platforms but the total number of engagement or shares on all platforms is added up to show the most popular piece of content.

3. Title Generators:

Title generators are another great tool just like the content research tools to get new content ideas. Adding in a few keywords, you can get hundreds of titles that can help you get more ideas for content creation.

There are many such online tools, some best title generators are:

i. Hubspot Blog Topic Generator:

A reputed company in the marketing industry, Hubspot has created this tool where you can add up to 5 keywords and you would get new titles by just a click.

ii.Portent’s Content Idea Generator:

This another great tool adding the keyword you can get many different titles for your content. For example, here I have used the term “blogging” as the keyword and it has generated the title “How Long Blogging Can Go?” giving you a new angle to write about blogging.

Create Unique Content via Portent idea generator

iii. SEOPressor Blog Title Generator:

SEOPressor blog title generator is more advanced than the above two title generators.It does not just allow you to add a keyword but also allows you to select the type of term that the keyword is so that you would get the best titles to use.

The types of keyword that you can select are:

  • Generic term
  • Industry
  • Event
  • Brand/Product
  • Location
  • Person’s Name
  • Skill

For example, here I have entered the term “digital marketing” selected the type of term as industry then I got many titles as shown in the image.

4. Search Engines:

Search Engines are the places where most people search for answers to their questions. They use them to get information about any topic of their choice. So using search engines in the right way you can get more content ideas. Remember Google is not the only search engine but there are many other popular ones like YouTube, Pinterest, Bing, etc that are used by the people across for different purposes.

Now let’s start with the popular one Google. Entering the topic name in the google search you would get many suggestions automatically even before you make a search. For example, check the image below where I have entered the term “Social Media Marketing”.

google search

There are many things related to social media marketing that are being searched by the users of Google. From these autosuggestions, you can get new content ideas apart from that you can also get new ideas from the Searches Related to your Keyword section usually present at the bottom of the search engine results page after you make a search. Remember this content is being suggested by Google which means the content you create would be relevant one to your target audience.

google search idea for content

Now lets come to YouTube. It is the second most popular search engine after Google, especially for video content. Making a search for a topic on this platform, you can get new ideas from the Video results. You can also get ideas from the suggested videos when you view a video.

For example, here I have entered the term “SEO checklist” and was watching a video from Ahrefs.On the sidebar, you can notice another video from Backlinko with similar titles and other relevant topics videos that the people who are also interested in watching. This way YouTube is useful to get more ideas.

Seo checklist youtube

Pinterest is used by many for inspiration. You can get hundreds of ideas from the infographics pinned on the platform by its users. For example, I have entered the term “Search engine optimization” and got hundreds of infographics with different titles as shown in the image.

Pinterest titles

5. Competitor Assets:

Competitor assets like their websites, business listings, social media handles, blogs, Youtube Channel, etc can be a valuable resource to come up with new topic ideas. You can get enough inspiration by reading their blog content so that you can start creating the content around those topics.

Remember just take inspiration but never copy them exactly that would lead you into various unnecessary troubles. Instead, stick to your voice and have your unique style of creating content that would be more useful for your target audience than their content.

Reading the reviews on their business listing where people might talk about the services or products offered by your competitor can help you gain some content ideas. You can also read their YouTube video comments or blog comments as discussed earlier.

6. Google Trends:

Google trends is a useful tool by Google that can help you get more content ideas from your industry.Most people use it for finding the search trends but it can also be used for new content ideas.

For example,I have made a search for the term “Online marketing” and under the related queries section there many other topics that were related to this term. You can check the image where there were terms like online marketing solutions, online marketing strategies, etc are shown up along with related topics.

google trends

7. Social Media Audience:

You might not be having a large number of followers on your social media handles. But you can get a lot of content ideas checking and analyzing their profiles. Of course, having a huge follower base can be a great asset to get a large number of content ideas.

Checking what brands they are interacting with or what type of content they are sharing can be useful. Not just that you can conduct polls or ask questions to your followers and get answers from them can also help you get new ideas and build engagement on your handles reaching more people.

8. Industry Related Newsletters:

In almost every industry, there are email newsletters having a goal to update their members with the latest updates or trends related to the specific industry. So being an active subscriber of your industry related newsletters can be useful to gain more new ideas for creation of content.

9. Current Trending Events:

The most creative way to approach your audience regularly without them making them feel bored is creating content around the trending events that would indirectly make the audience engage with your brand.

This is called Moment Marketing and is an effective method to create and share content on social media especially twitter to grab the attention of the people at your brand.If you are able to relate your brand with the trending current events then you would be able to create content in a unique way.

Conclusion: Ideas for Creating Unique Content

Coming up with new ideas to create content can take a lot of time. I hope the ways discussed in this guide would be useful for you to get new content ideas whenever needed. Remember this is not just for blog content but useful for any type of content creation like a podcast or a YouTube video.



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