10+ Ideas to Start a Micro Niche Site in 2024

Ideas To Start A Micro Niche Site

Recently updated on April 18th, 2024

Are you struggling to find the right niche site idea to start your blogging journey and make money online? Then this might help you a lot because we are going to discuss micro niche sites in this article.

Choosing the right niche idea for blogging and making money from it successfully after making a lot of effort on it is not that easy. Some might even scare you that you have to work every single day and night to make money from blogging. Of course, you might work hard initially but it would be worth it once you gain enough traffic from the search engines.

Blogging on broad niche topics takes a lot of time to get your articles ranked on the search engine result pages. Ultimately resulting in a long duration to start earning money from them too if you have low competition only.

Moreover, most aspiring bloggers select the super competitive niches that are tough for any blog to rank for the keywords in those niches especially with many authority blogs. Even if you work day and night on these blogs publishing high-quality content and building backlinks you might not be able to outrank them in the search engine results pages.

So to rank higher easily and earn money from your blog in a short time micro niche sites are the right choice. Explore below full guide to start a micro niche site;

Why Starting a Micro Niche Website is a Smart Choice?

Blogging on a micro-niche website is a smart choice because of the following reasons:

  1. Micro Niche websites generally rank higher in the search engine results pages as they are much preferred by the search engines rather than traditional authority blogs if you have published high-quality content.
  2. Easy to rank for various keywords within a short time with proper keyword research and backlink strategy.
  3. Attract quality traffic than the broad niche blogs because of which it is easy to monetize and earn a good amount of money even with low traffic.
  4. One can start earning money in a short period of time with fewer efforts compared to the blogging on broad niches.

Remember Micro niche blogging can be part of your short term strategy only. As you rank higher driving more traffic you need to work on the parent/broad niche of that micro-niche as a long-term strategy.

But finding the right micro niche idea can be a daunting task as well. To help you find some micro-niche site ideas, I have listed down some of the amazing strategies that I personally use to find micro niches.

How to Find Micro Niche Ideas?

Search Engines:

How many times when you tried to make a search for anything in the search engines you started seeing some additional suggestions? Well, these are auto-suggestions made by them. These suggestions can be useful enough to figure out a niche idea as you can automatically see various kinds of long-tail keywords when you try to make a search.

Later list those long-tail keywords and start searching for more details about the keywords such as CPC, Search volume, etc using tools like Semrush or Ahrefs. You can even find various related terms easily using these tools.

In fact, the powerful keyword research tools help you uncover various other important aspects related to that keyword. You can easily find the related keywords, keywords for which your competitor websites are ranking on the search engine results. Make sure to make a list of the good long-tail keywords with low competition.

Google Trends:

Google Trends is another great tool to find micro niche ideas. Just type in the name of a topic after selecting your target country. This tool helps you identify if the topic you have chosen is an evergreen one or not.

For example, if you choose a seasonal topic and work on it at the wrong time then you don’t get traffic neither you would be able to earn money from the blog. Especially if your blog is on a micro-niche which is specific to a particular region or few states in a country you can check the search trends selecting that region as well. So checking the topic on google trends is a wise decision.

You can get new micro-niche ideas from the related topics and related ideas tabs in the google trends. Also, you can see the search trends for the suggested topics or ideas with just a few clicks.

I assume using the above methods you would have got some topic ideas for micro niche blogging. Make sure to select the one only when you can produce quality content regularly because Google or any other search engine prefers the latest updated content while ranking in the search engine results.


Quora is a valuable source to find micro-niche ideas. You just need to check out what kind of questions are trending under a topic of your choice. Read the answers for the questions and make sure to check the views, upvotes, etc of every answer.

Now make a list of the topics or queries that are popular and check them using the powerful keyword research tools like Ahrefs or Semrush to dig deep and analyze the competition on the keywords related to that topic for ensuring the rankability of a new blog in the search engine results.

Ideas to Start a Micro Niche Site

Still, didn’t get any ideas after trying the above methods? Don’t worry. I have got some micro-niche site ideas that might help you to get started with micro-niche blogging.

3D Printing:

3D Printing is the current trending business idea for many because of the vast possibilities to manufacture various things such as jewelry and other customizable products that are made generally out of plastic or metal used as personalized gifts.

Of course, you need not think about the profitability but you can write about the different types of 3d Printers reviewing them, how to get them manufactured for cheap, etc. You even write detailed guides about getting started with this business and monetizing it by joining various kinds of affiliate programs or partnering with the manufacturers to receive a commission on every sale you referred to.

Home Automation:

Automation devices are everywhere. Well, who doesn’t like everything automated such as getting answers for your queries or switching off the light just using an Alexa Speaker. So it is a hot topic to write about in 2024. You can easily join the affiliate programs and promote various home automation tools available for sale to earn commissions.

Green Tea:

People who are much conscious about their health would look for green tea.With many benefits of having a cup of green tea, people who care for their health are actively looking to read and learn more about the benefits of green tea. If you have good enough traffic you can monetize this type of blog with sponsored banner ads on your website.


Drones are a hot topic today. Most people are excited enough to buy a drone and fly it high in the sky to record the videos. So you can start reviewing the drones available in the market or make a list of them under a particular price range. You can use Google Adsense or Media.net because CPC’s are good enough in this niche. Also, you can join affiliate programs as well.

Video Games:

Most people love playing video games while they are free. So you can easily write about the latest video games launched in the market or make a list of category wise like action and adventure games. The best way to monetize this kind of blog is to promote gaming products like PS4 which can help you make good commissions if you are able to generate sales by joining the affiliate programs to promote them as an affiliate on your blog.

Smart Watches:

How about getting many things done from a watch?Whether its taking photos or setting up reminders, one smartwatch can help you perform various activities without the need to carry a heavy phone or laptop with you.

Moreover, smartwatches can play a major role in the health-related aspects as well such as keeping track of the distance you have walked or checking the pulse rate at any time. So because of the various benefits, people buy them and you can write content around the benefits of reviewing the latest smartwatches in the market.

Coupon Codes:

Don’t you like saving money on the things you shop online? Well, everyone likes to save money on their purchases. People often search for various kinds of coupon codes so that they can get a discount on their order value and save money.

You can blog about various latest working coupon codes covering all kinds of online shopping portals so that you can monetize and receive a commission from them when someone visits the original website and ends up buying the stuff.

Wall Decoration:

Every one who constructs a new house likes to have their walls look beautiful with their favorite designs. So you can write about various kinds of options available to get the wall decorated in a beautiful way using wall stickers, portraits, etc. Joining affiliate programs is the best strategy to make money in this niche


Maintaining productivity at work is tough. With the remote working trends, most people are finding it as a challenge to maintain their productivity. So you can create videos embedding them on your blog content or write productivity guides describing various methods, tools, etc that can boost the productivity of a reader.


The popularity of Yoga has been growing a lot over the past few years. With many health benefits of doing yoga, people are looking for guides on performing various kinds of yoga especially useful for the health issues that they are facing.So blogging about yoga is a great option especially if you are a trainer. You can monetize by offering your online yoga classes for the visitors.

Now with these ideas, you might be able to pick a topic. But for success in terms of traffic and revenue generation, you must have a content plan and SEO strategy in place. It would be better if you make a list of ideas of the articles for publishing on that blog so that you can easily schedule and publish the content regularly with proper research.

Conclusion: How to Start a Micro Niche Site

Micro Niche blogging is the fastest way to make money online within a short period because it would easily attract quality traffic to your website getting your content ranked on the search engine results. I hope you would be able to make the right choice from the above-discussed strategies for micro-niche ideas and this article helped you to start a micro niche site or else you can choose one from the ones listed above for your blogging journey.



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