Free SEO Tools to grow your Organic traffic in 2024

Free SEO Tools

Are you still struggling to secure the top spot on the search engine page for your website? It is challenging amidst the neck-to-neck competition. Every website owner is trying to reach the top rank and increase their visibility. Why? Because digital prominence leads to better business returns. SEO is the only way to transform this dream into reality. But there are several free SEO tools available that can help your website climb up the ladder. 

Understanding Free SEO tools

SEO tools are software that collects data from the website and provides you with insights. It helps you improve the website so your page can reach a higher rank in SERP. There is more than one SEO tool in the market. Select the free tools or paid ones, depending on your budget. It boosts your SEO strategy and also facilitates the digital marketing process. Besides targeting the keywords, you have to ensure gathering valuable data about your website that determines the success of the page. The SEO tools make it possible for you.  

SEO tools – Are they essential for your website?

Any business website seeking the guidance of an SEO Expert in India is familiar with the essential tools and techniques. With SEO tools, obtain valuable and precise data on website performance. You can successfully eliminate the shady SEO tactics trending in the market and identify the best ways. It also helps you get an idea of the competitor’s performance and plan your SEO tactics accordingly. With the tools, you can save money and time on manual SEO audits.

The tools also help recognize the high-converting keywords that will facilitate content marketing. In a nutshell, you can say that SEO tools help you in distinct ways in identifying better prospects for your SEO tactics. Other than on-page SEO, the tools also help you in the following ways – 

  • Obtain higher website authority
  • Engage in better website design
  • Generate more traffic on the page

List of Free SEO Tools to Grow Your Organic Traffic

Currently, you can find more than a hundred Free SEO Tools in the digital space. But are all the tools equally effective? Maybe not! You have to recognize the best tool that helps in finding valuable insights for your website and guides you with better SEO performance. Here’s making the task easy for you. You can check out the following tools for your SEO requirements without paying a penny! 

Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner is exceptional for analyzing the traffic on the website. You can also recognize new keywords with it. As Google is the most-used search engine, the tool based on the statistics of google yields a better outcome. With this tool, find estimated search volume for keywords, long-tail keywords, etc., that help in formulating high-quality content. Google keyword planner is a free keyword research tool that checks overall search volume and CPC involved for paid advertisement.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is among the most-used free SEO tools. With this tool, you can obtain data that helps identify the navigating preferences of a potential customer. The tool analyzes your website content by providing insights into the online visitors. Identify if your content is relevant to user-behaviour data. Use the impressive attributes of Google Analytics to perform better.  

Google Search Console

Google search console facilitates the tracking process for your website’s performance. Eliminate errors that affect the SERP rank with the help of this free tool. It is convenient to remove spam with Google search console. Other features like “Fetch as Google”, “Structured data” etc., help you in multiple ways for gaining more online traffic. 

Google Page Speed Insight   

Google page speed insight allows you to review the speed and mobile-friendliness of your website. As the smartphone audience is gradually capturing the online space, it is crucial to get insight into such metrics. With features like “Lighthouse”, track the progress of your website while auditing. Use it for making your website ahead of the rest. 

Keyword Everywhere

With this free tool, discover the topics and keywords relevant to your content. The tool helps you figure out synonyms of the main keywords that you can utilize to make the content better resonate with the audience. It allows data filters and facilitates better content analysis. 

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is an unbeatable tool in website audits. The tool scans the website thoroughly to help you gain insight into your current SEO performance and tells you the ways of improving it. The feedback provided by the Screaming Frog is vital to any SEO Expert in India and, they use it in their professional assignments. Use the tool to perform better than the rest. 


With Similarweb, find out information on the links present on your competitor’s website. Obtain insightful data on the link traffic and know which links to follow. The “Traffic insight” feature helps in reviewing and comparing website performance. Get better and newer ideas with the SEO tool and competition analysis. 

SEO minion

SEO minion helps you find alternative keywords to boost website traffic. The tool recognizes long-tail keywords that you can use. You can use this effective SEO tool to track keyword ranks and, identify ideas about title optimization and meta descriptions. Irrespective of your business type, use this tool for better content on the website. 

Yoast SEO

The easy-to-use SEO tool, Yoast SEO is essential for all websites. It is especially helpful for blog ranking for the numerous features available in the tool. Conduct better keyword research with this tool and eliminate broken links that pull down the SERP rank. 


Ahref keyword generator can help you find up to 150 keyword suggestions against every search query! With this tool, get data on search volume, keyword density, etc., and utilize them wisely for better ranking. 


Ubersuggest, the keyword research SEO tool helps you find new keywords. The free tool has excellent features that provide valuable suggestions on keyword and their tracking. Use it for curating your website content and making a better online impact. 

How to Use the Best SEO Tools to Grow Organic Traffic?

Use SEO tools to stay ahead of the competition and transform your dream of securing the top rank in the SERP rankings! Get in touch with an SEO expert in India, like Pranav Jha, to learn how to utilize these tools in the best way for your website. Make your website perform better than the rest by using the valuable insights obtained from the tools. Make the content relatable and relevant for online visitors, and grow organic traffic for the website. 

Key takeaways

With so many options among SEO tools, which one do you want to use for your SEO strategy? Take a wise call and utilize the insightful information for better performance. 



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