7 Top Websites Where You Can Get Royalty-Free Digital Marketing Images

7 Top Websites Where You Can Get Royalty-Free Digital Marketing Images

Looking for the list of websites to get royalty-free digital marketing images and landed here searching for them?Don’t worry because a list of top websites where you can get royalty-free images is compiled in this. Make sure to check out them after reading this.

People often get bored reading long textual content without any images. Using images in your content makes it more visually appealing and readable. Additionally, it helps you deliver the desired message easily to a reader.

Some publishers won’t add images in the content even if they are well- aware of the importance of adding images in the blogs because they can’t afford to buy the images. Additionally, you can use a featured image so that it helps your blog content get good number of clicks when shared on social media platforms.

Not just photos but you can also use vectors or illustrations in your content depending on what you would prefer to use in your content. So the best solution to get images that you can use in your blog content is to find the royalty-free image sites where you can download images for free and use them in your content.

Now let me share with you the list of top websites where you can get royalty-free images.

Unsplash is my favorite go-to website for free images. It has a huge large library of images where you can easily find the image required, typing in the related keywords, and making a search.

Unsplash has more than a million of images and the number of images on the platform is growing regularly because of there are many awesome photographers uploading their photos clicked.

2. Pexels:

Pexels is another great website with a huge library of free stock images. Just like Unsplash you can enter a keyword to make a search and choose an image from the results. The interesting thing about Pexels is the Discover section where you can find

Popular Collections showing the trending collections of photos.

Pexels Discover Section Showing Popular Collections

Photography topics where you can find images related to different industries like food photography, travel photography, etc

Pixels Photography Topics

Discover Photos By Colors:

If you are looking for photos in a particular primary color like yellow, red,etc that are quite popular then you can find the collections of images using that particular color.

Pexels Discover Photos by Color

For example, choosing yellow here you can find the image that has a yellow color.

Pexels Discover Photos by Yellow Color

Additionally, at Pexels, there are many contests held inviting photographers to share best-quality photos on the platform making it an ever-growing library of free stock images.

So this should be in your list for finding new images for your blog or any other digital marketing work requiring images.

3. Pixabay:

Pixabay has a huge library of 1.7 Million+ images that where you can easily find the desired type of image searching with a keyword. Unlike other free stock image websites, at Pixabay you can find illustrations, vectors, videos as well apart from the images.

Pixabay Website for Digital Marketing Images

Using the Explore Feature in the Navigation you can browse through the collections under

  • Editors Choice
  • Popular Photos
  • Popular Videos
  • Popular Searches

So using Explore you may find the trending images that are most popular on the platform.

4. Gratisography:

Gratisography doesn’t have a huge library of images just like the others discussed above but it is a great place to find images that are creative and filled with humor especially if you want to make innovative designs.

The images are generally of high resolution and are not like the generic images that can be found in many other free stock websites. You can also find images using keyword research. Apart from them, you can find collections with interesting names like Funky Food, Amusing Animals and many more such are available.

5. Stock Snap:

Stock Snap is a place to find high-resolution free stock photos and the website states new images are added weekly. So it has an ever-growing library of images. Additionally, you can find the trending images and you can sort the images using filters available on the platform like based on the number of views, date, etc in both ascending and descending order.

6. Reshot:

Reshot has a library of royalty-free images that you might not be able to find anywhere else. You can use a search for finding images or else there is a trending section on the home page where you can find the trending images.

Reshot Website for Digital Marketing Images

So if you are planning to use images from these make sure to check things like whether they have a CC0 license (Creative Commons 0) and free to use for both normal, editorial, and commercial use.

Also, check if attribution is required or not. Some might even require to you signup for downloading the images but when this article is written the list of sites discussed, allow you to download directly.

7. Canva - Online Design Tool:

If you don’t wish to use images from these websites then you can easily create images on your own depending on your requirements. You can use good online image design tools like Canva where they provide premium images if you are using their paid versions.

It has a huge library of images just like other stock photo websites and the interface is quite easy to use for any type of person irrespective of whether you are a designer or not with many features just like in the case of design tools like Photoshop.

Conclusion: Websites for Digital Marketing Images

Even though I have made every effort to make an amazing list of sites where you can get for royalty-free digital marketing images, the licensing terms or usage rules might get changed at any time by the stock photo websites.

So I would highly recommend you to check the license terms before you downloading the images and using them in your digital marketing projects. I hope you found the list useful enough to find free stock photos without the need to buy them.



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