9 Amazing Ways to Get More Followers For Your Instagram Handle in 2024

How to Get Instagram Followers

Looking for the right ways to get more followers for your Instagram Handle without any shady tactics involved? Then this article is for people like you only as you will learn amazing ways to grow your Instagram followers.  

Instagram can be a great marketing channel to drive customers for any business because of its large active userbase. The more followers you have on Instagram Handle, the more business revenue you would be able to generate by driving them to your website or landing pages.

So many businesses feel we need to have a huge follower base so let’s buy them. You need to understand that these fake followers would never engage nor buy the stuff you sell. So my honest advice for you is to never grow your followers by buying them because you can’t generate revenue for your business through those fake followers.

Before learning the ways to get more followers, you must define the following things

A .Audience:

Defining the audience for your business is an important task before you proceed with any kind of marketing effort. Making a note of things like their age group, location and other demographics of an ideal customer of your business can help you get an idea of whether you are reaching the right audience or not checking the insights from your marketing efforts.

B .Goals:

Every business needs to define its goals. You are reading this article for ways to get more followers but the business goals might be lead generation or conversions. Having a clear idea of what are you are planning to achieve by gaining followers can help you plan the Instagram strategy in the right way.

After clearly defining your audience and goals you can now start working to increase your followers. So let me share some amazing ways to grow your Instagram followers in the right way that can help in improving your business ROI from the efforts on Instagram.  

1 .Profile Optimization:

If you are planning to grow your followers then you must properly optimize your account. Three important aspects you need to check on your profile are:


Username is an important thing especially when you are requesting the customers or audience to follow you. You need to have a short and easily memorable name for your brand handle so that people can easily search and follow you on Instagram. This is especially useful when you share your Instagram Presence on various other channels like your website and other social media handles to gain followers.

Profile Pic:

The most common mistake that people make is to upload a picture of the wrong size which doesn’t look great when viewing the profile. So get the image in the proper size and check if it looks good or not.

Instagram Bio:

Instagram bio content has to be written using the words in a smart way as there is a limit on the number of characters you fill in your bio. It should be able to describe your brand whenever someone views your profile. Also, try to state a reason why a viewer needs to follow you in the bio content.

The only clickable link that can you have is the Bio link of your profile. As discussed if you have planned the goals already then you can place the link of your landing page or opt-in page in the bio depending on the action you want the profile viewer to take. Having the call-to-action definitely helps you in achieving the goals of your business on Instagram.

2 .Post Content Regularly :

When you are planning to get more followers you must post the content regularly. For example, if you post high quality on one day and then many people would follow you. But if you don’t reach them regularly with your content there is a higher chance of them forget your brand. So you must post regularly but I would like to suggest a few aspects that you need to take care of  while creating content for your Instagram handle:

i.Create Content That Is Useful For Your Audience:

You need to create a content strategy. If you have clearly defined your target audience then create the content that might be useful for them.

ii.Quality Images With Unique Brand Elements:

Images capture the attention of a user while scrolling in the device. They should be of high quality and you need to maintain design consistency by using specific brand elements in them such as filters, logos, colors, etc before you share them. This way you can make your brand stand unique from your competitors and people can easily remember your brand.

iii.Captions With A Call-To-Action:

You need to create interesting captions that would make the readers engage with your posts. Having a call-to-action in the caption can also help you drive results from sharing content on Instagram.

iv.Choosing the Right Hashtags:

Hashtags play a prominent role in reaching the target audience, especially on Instagram. Creating a branded hashtag for your business and using it on every post you share can help you reach the followers.

You need to select the right hashtags carefully after thorough research or using a hashtag tool. This way you would be able to reach the target audience and drive engagement on your posts ultimately helping you gain new followers. So taking care of the above aspects you need to create content regularly to share on the platform.

3 .Post The Content At The Right Time By Scheduling them:

 But sharing the content at any time doesn’t help you. You need to post when your followers are online. Wondering how to know such insights? Well, you need to have a business profile to get access to Instagram insights. If you have created a normal profile don’t worry. Just switch your profile to business then check the insights and pick the right time to post based on them.

Posting at the right time can help you reach the target audience and gain more followers for your brand handle. So you need to plan such things ahead and schedule the content in advance using any Social Scheduling tool so that you would be able to post the content at the right time maintaining your consistency.

4 .Leveraging the power of  Instagram Stories and Creating Highlights:

There are millions of Instagram users who regularly view stories from many brands. You can reach your target audience by creating stories and adding the relevant hashtags. You can drive a lot of engagement and generate leads by using the right stickers.

But these stories disappear within 24 hours of duration. If any story is very special then you can create highlights so that they appear on the homepage of your profile. These highlights can also help you tell the audience about your brand and convince the non-followers to follow your handle.

5 .Creating Videos or Going Live On IGTV:

Creating vertical videos and publishing them on IGTV regularly, you can easily engage your followers. Also going live on IGTV can be beneficial depending on your target audience especially useful where you can show behind the scenes to your followers.

6 .Follow Other Relevant Profiles:

If you follow other relevant profiles there is a higher chance of them checking your profile and follow you as well. For example if you have a local business then following the profiles of the other business in your city can help you gain a lot of exposure.

But remember not to do this extensively as it might get your account banned. So never try to follow many profiles at a time.

7 .Engage With Your Followers:

When sharing your posts with a compelling caption then there is a higher chance that your followers engage with your posts by writing comments. In such cases, you must reply to them so that your posts would get more reach than usual and helps you gain more followers.

8 .Instagram Advertisements:

Rather than buying followers, it’s better to run Instagram Advertisements by spending your money. Using advertisements you can reach the target audience by selecting things like location, age groups, etc with the content and make them follow your profile.

9 .Organizing Contests:

Contests can help you gain massive followers in a short time. Asking people to comment on your posts tagging their friends and rewarding them for engaging with your posts can help your brand reach non-followers easily and attract them to follow you.


Growing the followers of your Instagram Profile can help your business in many ways. You need to have a proper content strategy to share with quality images and good captions can help in building the engagement. So make sure to use the above-discussed ways to build the follower base and drive leads or sales for your business.Having a massive number of followers you will be able to reach more people by just creating good content and helps you gain a higher Return On Investment for your business from the marketing efforts made on Instagram.



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