The Ultimate Guide To Generate Leads For Your Business Using Video Marketing

Generate Leads For Your Business Using Video Marketing

Wondering if video marketing can help you generate more leads? Well, then you have landed on the right article. Constant generation of leads is the major problem for any business because generating leads it the key to nurture them and convert into customers. Using video marketing in the right way you might be able to maintain that consistent lead flow for your business.

According to CISCO majority of the online users tend to consume more video content in 2024.

Video content is one of the most consumed content formats from Social media Platforms to YouTube. The engagement ratio is quite high on the video content shared rather than the typical text or image format.

Moreover, well-prepared marketing videos are powerful to convince a viewer to take any specific action rather than a lengthy text article or informational image that most people might not prefer to read entirely.

So including the creation of business marketing videos and using them as a part of your marketing strategy is an excellent strategy to generate quality leads for your business. Now you might be wondering about the ways to use video marketing for generating leads.

Well, in this article some of the top ways to generate leads using video marketing would be discussed with you so make sure to read the entire content and use them to acquire leads. Let me share with you different ways to acquire leads for your business using videos.

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world used daily for watching videos. In fact, it has billions of users watching videos and millions of videos getting uploaded on the platform every single day.

Most people assume that we cannot generate leads without having a subscriber base. But the reality is that you can generate quality leads even if you are just getting started with YouTube Channel for your business.

Three Most Important Factors That You Must Focus To Generate Leads are:

YouTube SEO:

Reaching your target audience on the YouTube platform is the first step for generating leads.

YouTube SEO is the key to making your marketing videos reach your target audience organically. This is a process that involves keyword research, competitor analysis, title optimization, etc. It helps your video rank for various keywords entered by a probable customer.


When a search is performed most people decide whether to watch or it from the thumbnail. You need to have a good thumbnail to get higher click-through-rate on your videos so that the viewers would watch your marketing videos.

Video Content:

A marketing video with a perfect script and call-to-action at the end can be impactful enough to convert the viewer into an action taker. So focus on creating video content that explains the benefits of using the products or services offered by your business. Video can an animated one or a person following the script prepared.

But ensure to ask viewers to take action such as filling a lead gen form. Embed the URL to the form in the description of your videos so that they can easily check it out and give their details. Now you would be generating leads using the videos organically.

YouTube Cards:

Also, another strategy while publishing videos on YouTube is by using Cards. For example, while talking about a product or service offered by your business in your introductory video then using cards can help people check those videos and enquire you if they are interested in the particular product or services when you mention the contact details in the videos.

2. Webinars:

Most people don’t even assume webinars as a good way to generate leads. But Organizing webinars is a powerful way to generate leads. Building awareness about the webinar event either sharing it on social media or running paid ads can help you attract people who might be interested in the content of the webinar.

All you need is to have a landing page with a lead generation form to collect the details of a visitor and drive traffic to that. During the webinar, you can demonstrate your products, services, etc that can help in building trust and converting them into the customers as well.

With many powerful webinar software available in the market, any business owner can organize informative webinars easily Moreover, there are webinars automation tools that are also available so you can easily record videos and run automated webinars as well.

3. Videos on Your Website:

In the digital world of the internet, every business including you might have a professional website designed exclusively for your business. Using videos you can generate the leads by collecting the information of a website visitor.

Let me share with you two amazing methods to collect leads on your web pages.

i.Video Play Button Call-To-Action :

This is a typical strategy where you would embed a button that would attract people to click on it and the video pops up which they would watch. This might be an introductory video about your business products, services with call-to-action of requesting people to enter their details in the opt-in form.

ii.Embedding Video Directly:

This strategy is similar to the first one but here you would embed the video directly so that the visitor can start watching immediately after loading your page unlike the strategy discussed above where they have to click on the play button to watch the video content.

All you have to is just embed the video along with an opt-in form so that a viewer can easily enter their details after watching your marketing video.

Video Marketing On Landing Pages:

Having a big business, to explain each product/service offered by your business on a single website page might not be possible. So you might have created different landing pages for each of them and run the ad campaigns using these landing pages as the destination for the people engaging with your ad.

So having a video explaining the specific product or services along with their benefits helps you convince the viewers. So having the opt-in forms or contact details for the viewers to contact you on the landing page is another strategy to generate quality leads for your business using marketing videos.

4. Gated Video Content:

Offering a lead magnet such as an ebook or email course is quite common to attract leads. But the impact of these lead magnets is not the same as it was before. Video courses or informational videos are much impactful to make them enter their contact details to unlock the video content.

A Landing page with an opt-in form offering the video content as a reward on the thank you page is a good strategy to generate leads. Some video hosting provides you special form capabilities for your marketing videos.

For example, Wistia provides you the ability to ask the viewer details before the video can be played. Vidyard provides you the capability to present an opt-in to collect the details of the viewer after finishing the video content. So using any gated video content strategy you can generate leads for your business.

5. Video Marketing On Social Media:

Social media platforms have a large user base and so they are a good source to generate leads for your business. Sharing the quality videos on the social media platforms with the right call-to-action you can easily generate leads for your business.

You just need to ensure to provide your contact details such as phone number or email ID so that the viewer who might be interested can easily get in touch with you. Moreover, going live or organizing watch parties on Facebook pages is also useful to generate leads when you are able to convince the viewer with your content and perform an action to fill their details sharing the form or opt-in link with them.

The photo-sharing platform Instagram has launched a new feature called IGTV that provides you the ability to share marketing videos on the platform adding Call-To-Actions to the videos where you can add the URL of the landing page or opt-in form page so that viewer can click and visit the URL to fill your opt-in form.

6. Remarketing Using Videos Ads:

Remarketing ads are more cost-effective compared to the other ad campaigns because you would be reaching the people who might have visited or performed any action on your web page.

This tracking is accomplished by a successful setup of a retargeting pixel of any desired platform of your choice. You can launch video retargeting ad campaigns on various platforms like YouTube, Facebook, etc.

The best method is to run a lead generation ad campaign with a video testimonial sharing their experience using a product or service offered by your business and Call-To-Action leading to a lead form or a landing page with opt-in to collect the information of a lead. This way remarketing ads using videos can help you generate quality leads for your business at nominal budgets.

7. Stories:

Many social media platforms and Whatsapp messenger allow you to share stories that disappear in a period of 24 hours. You can create videos, especially in the vertical layout because they can be viewed better by the people when uploaded in the 9:16 aspect ratio.

Instagram Stories:

Uploading good marketing videos as stories on your Instagram Profile adding the right hashtags can help you reach more people and generate leads by having call-to-action to directly message you for more details on the offer shared about a product or service in the video story.

If you have more than 10000 followers, Instagram allows you to insert a URL that can be clicked by any viewer and visit the URL. If you have that number of followers for your business handle then ensure to add the opt-in page URL and request people to fill their details within the video story.

Whatsapp And Facebook Stories:

Whatsapp, Facebook also allows you to upload marketing videos as stories so that the followers or contacts of your business can view them and directly connect with you.

So stories are a great way to use video marketing for acquiring new leads for your business.

Conclusion: Generate Leads Using Video Marketing

Professional marketing videos made with good script and content attract more probable customers towards your business. This way using such videos in your marketing strategies can help you generate quality leads for your business regularly. Just ensure to have the right call-to-action according to the platform you are sharing your video content so that it would be easy for viewers to enter their details or contact you.

Being a professional marketer I have helped 300+ clients planning their video marketing strategies and generate leads for them. If you are planning to hire for the video marketing needs of your business then please get in touch with me.



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