7 Best WordPress Ticket Management Systems 

best wordPress ticket management system

7 best WordPress ticket management systems 

Either you run an e-commerce platform that deals with an incredibly vast customer base, or you run something small online that has just thousands or hundreds of customers. Whatever you run, you need to serve those customers and make them happy and satisfied with your services. Providing better services to customers is not an easy task, and with WordPress websites, although it has become a little easier, it hasn’t changed much. The different websites use a system like a ticketing system to generate tickets for customer resolution, but that’s not effective, and we need a proper and reliable WordPress support Ticket System to manage this process. 

So, what are the best ticket systems for WordPress and do we have the best WordPress options for ticketing systems? 

We have the top 7 best WordPress ticket management systems for that. Stay tuned and we will be telling you about everything to make it better. Let’s start. 

What is WordPress Ticket Support Plugins 

In Simpler terms, WordPress ticket systems help companies to track all the important tickets for managing customer queries and help them with the resolution of those queries. 

These queries that are required for tickets, can directly come from different channels like texts, emails, chats and email and more. The WordPress system for ticketing allows for the creation, assigning, and prioritizing along with the WordPress panel. 

Benefits of WordPress Ticket Support Plugins

With the ticket system of WordPress, you can give the brand design of your website to your customers and lend the most important steps that will help with the major theme 

Some of the major benefits of the WordPress Ticket Support Plugins are: 

  • It can work with a faster and super efficient system. 
  • It can easily help with the stress and workload reduction of the agents. 
  • It can improve customer loyalty and satisfaction. 
  • It can help with gaining insights, feedback, and needs.

7 best WordPress ticket management systems 

There are many of the best WordPress ticket Systems out there, but these are the top 7 that deserve the best and are better than others. Below are the top 7 recommendations that we have figured out that will be the best for you and help with customer query resolution:

These are the top 7 WordPress ticketing systems: 


support candy Best WordPress Ticket Management System

 A Standard and easy-to-use ticketing system for WordPress that has great features: 

As the first one on the list, SupportCandy has been around for many, many years now. But now it has evolved from the previous plugin and for a longer history that is called WP Support Plus. With high ratings from the customers, this plugin has a positive set of features and there are thousands and thousands of installations of this plugin as we talk right now. The Support Candy has some of the better features. support candy is considered as on the best WordPress Ticket Management System

Standard ticketing works from the backend and front-end forms not only from the website but can also work for email as well. SupportCandy also provides canned replies that can help with instant fast replies for simple support requests. 

They also provide higher-level plans that include time tracking as well. With the knowledge base integration and FAQs along with the WooCommerce and SLAs. Supportcandy integration is quite simple and easy to understand

The top features of SupportCandy are: 

  • Unlimited tickets and assigning of the agents. 
  • Great and responsive design 
  • Private note s
  • Canned replies 
  • Export tickets 
  • Deep Integration with WordPress theme 
  • Customizable tabs for WordPress. 
  • Export tickets
  • Responsive Design 
  • Auto–assign tickets
  • And much more



Another great solution for WordPress that has better features and great automation, and can help with the great services that are required for the descent functioning of the services. zendesk is one of the Best WordPress Ticket Management System

Some features of Zendesk are: 

  • Internal comments collaboration
  • Integration with the theme of WordPress. 
  • Management of tickets from the WordPress dashboard 
  • Customizable tabs 

Awesome Support 

awesome support

With great customer reviews and other support structures, the free version provides some decent features that are good. It is a decent support system for WordPress if you want the basic support and you can get their paid packs for more features that are required for the most important aspects. 

Some of the important features of Awesome Support are: 

  • Internal comments collaboration
  • Integration with the theme of WordPress. 
  • Customizable tabs 
  • Email notifications customization 

Live Agent 

live agent

Working since 2004, Live Agent is very old in this industry. The company has features that provide live chat services and website designed chat monitoring and other decent features as an old player in this industry. 

Here are the top features of Live Agent: 

  • Customizable plugins for chat 
  • Multiple-brand support 
  • Omnichannel ticketing 
  • Export reports
  • Organized desktop 
  • Cloud solutions 

WordPress Advanced Ticket System (WATS)

wordpress advanced ticket system

This is a basic and simple plugin that is designed for WordPress. This WordPress Ticket Management System is designed for simplicity. As the software is directly built on WordPress so the integration is simple. You have multiple functionalities in this WordPress support ticketing system that is required for the most important aspects. 

Some Features of WATS are: 

  • Simple Statistics
  • Custom fields with unlimited capability 
  • Creation of call center 
  • Ticket export 
  • Service agreements 


Ws Desk

Another good WordPress Ticket Management System or customer support plugin can help in simplifying the task and provide good results for customer resolution that are required for the most important aspects of customer relationships. 

Here are some of the top features of WSDesk 

  • Unlimited ticketing 
  • Simple and user-intuitive interface
  • Custom view for tickets 
  • Email-based ticketing solutions 


KB support

A good and reliable WordPress Ticket Management System that has some good features like canned replies and WooCommerce integration along with more good features for better functionality for the ticket system for WordPress. The KBSupport is reliable and great in its functionality and other aspects. 

Here are the top features of KBSupport 

  • Canned Replies 
  • Guest Tickets 
  • SLA tracking 
  • Auto-assign tickets 


These are the 7 best WordPress support ticket systems or WordPress Ticket Management System that can really make your customer support really easy and make your customers happy and satisfied with your quick query resolution through these customer support plugins. As every business survives on a good customer base, these plugins have become the foundation for great customer relationships for any business.

Out of all these Support Candy seemed to be the best and the most efficient ones to us making it rank at the top of this list. So choose one that suits your need the most and happy customer support.




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